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It rains at home in the season of yellow plum, a poem describing the season of plum rain

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ear planting season, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China have successively ushered in the plum rain season, also known as the yellow plum day, so it is named after the Yellow ripening period of plum in the south of the Yangtze River. The plum rain is intermittent and continuous. It seems that it can always affect people's deep feelings. There are many poems describing the plum rain season in all dynasties. Let's feel the gentle feelings of ancient poets together.

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"invite song · Zhao Shixiu. It rains at home during the yellow plum season, and frogs are everywhere in the green grass pond. I have an appointment not to come in the middle of the night to knock chess pieces and drop lanterns.

Sapphire case · Hengtang Road Song · he Zhu Lingbo is no more than Hengtang Road, but he sees it off, and Fang dust goes away. Who is in the golden age? Yueqiao flower garden, Zhuhu window, only spring knows. The blue clouds are rising and the sky is rising. The colorful pen has a new topic and a heartbroken sentence. How many worries do you have? Sichuan tobacco, the city wind catkins, plum yellow rain.


waves wash sand in Tang · Bai Juyi, ten thousand miles in Qingcao lake, walking alone in huangmeiyu. Worried about the beach at night, the wind turned dark and the waves hit the boat.


partridges fly on the streets in song and Yan Jidao, and cuckoos sing in azalea flowers. At the end of the year, I don't go back. I complain about the moon and worry about who the smoke grows for. The plum rain is fine and the Xiaofeng is gentle. People leaning on the building want to touch their clothes. Three times the flowers in the hometown thank you, and Manqian has not returned to the end of the world.


cranes soar to the sky. Song, Zhou Bangyan, after the plum rain, the summer wind is gentle, and there are many high willows and cicadas. The small garden pavilion is far from the pool, and the fish play with the new lotus. Gauze kitchen, light feather fan, pillow cold mat cool deep courtyard. At this time, there is nothing wrong with the little fairy.


set the storm in Song · Xin Qiji. Wild grass and idle flowers are not spring, but Rhododendron is old news. It's better to go home than to abuse the Tao. Plum rain and pomegranate flowers are separated souls. The courtiers in the front hall are women in the deep hall, with ochre robes and 10000 red scarves. Don't ask about the rise and fall of today's masters. Listen, the hairy feather before the flower has been ashamed.


peach words are left out in the cold Ming · anonymous peach flowers are left out by the wind, and the remaining flowers fall across the bridge. Under the bridge, goldfish play in the water and birds trim their hair. The sweater is not wet, the yellow plum rain, and the raindrop Jiang pear is particularly charming. Charming posture often accompanies willows, and the purple swallow is high outside the willows. The beauty of the high Pavilion plays the Jade Flute, and the Luan thread hangs a silk sash beside the flute. The tapestry silk is exquisite and fragrant. There is a fan in the hand to look at the river tide. The tide is flat, the sails on both sides are stable, sit in the boat and roll slowly. Rocking into the West River, it will be late, and the late window is lonely and boring. Chat and push the screen window to see the neglect. The falling clouds are faint and knocked by the water. Knock on the door to ask about Tiantai road. There is a broken bridge passing by the small bridge, and green peaches are planted beside the bridge.

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