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Which city is the capital of rime? Northeast hinterland - Jilin

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every winter, the heavy snow will bring us all kinds of beautiful scenery, among which rime is one of the most beautiful. So where is the most beautiful rime? Of course, it is the capital of rime! The beauty of snow covered branches makes the trees glow with different brilliance in the snow. Let's see where the capital of rime is.

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the capital of Wusong refers to Jilin City.

Jilin rime is beautiful, bright and glittering. When the cold current sweeps the earth and everything loses its vitality, it replaces the leaves that just fly in autumn. Countless droplets below zero degrees Celsius that have not yet frozen continue to accumulate freeze and stick on the branches and other objects with the wind, making trees seem to be rejuvenated. This is a beautiful art given by nature to the north, Like the majestic falling snow hanging all over the branches, the riverside is decorated with flowers, magnificent and charming. The appearance of rime beauty is full of excitement. Along the Songhua River, a long willow embankment stands near the river, forming a silver corridor. Walking along the embankment, the upside down willow silk will touch our heads from time to time. Their elegant, graceful and supple branches cover their shy faces and are decorated with layers of rime like frost and snow, forming a scene of silver and jade and qiongzhi plain wrapped, like a charming bride in white, staring at the light smoke rising slowly on the river, Quietly waiting for the arrival of your sweetheart.

Jilin city is located in the east of the central part of Jilin Province, 124 kilometers away from the provincial capital Changchun. It is the "capital of rime". Jilin Province is named after Jilin City. Jilin city is the only city with the same name in China. In Manchu, it is called "Jilin Wula", which means "city along the river". Because the song of releasing ships on the Songhua River written by Emperor Kangxi on his East tour of Jilin City has the sentence of "connecting masts to connect ships and tunjiang city", Jilin city is also known as "river city" and "river city in the north".


, as the "capital of rime", have to go to Wusong island in Jilin. The island is named for its many and beautiful rime. The terrain here is lower than that of Jilin City, surrounded by rivers. Cold and hot air intersect here. Trees hang almost every day in winter, and sometimes they don't fall for several days.

rime island is a small island on the Songhua River, located in the Manchu town of Wula street, Longtan District, Jilin City, Jilin Province. Villages such as Hantun and zengtongtun in Manchu town of Wula Street are the places where rime is most concentrated, and they are also the best places to watch and shoot rime. Especially in zengtong village, there is a saying that "enjoy the rime and come to zengtong".

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