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Scientific explanation: is it good or bad that it rains in a small summer

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small summer solar term, the weather began to be hot, the temperature in all parts of China generally increased, and the agricultural production entered the summer drought period. Because this is the period when all crops thrive, it is necessary to pay close attention to the precipitation. So today, let's learn whether it's good or bad to rain in a small summer day?

科学解释:小暑天下雨,好还是不好 what do you mean by eating lotus root in the summer? The arrival of

indicates that most parts of China have entered the hot season, and rainstorms often patronize most parts of China at this time. Due to the concentration of rainfall during this period, flood control is particularly important. There is a saying that "great heat and small heat will kill mice", and there is a summary of experience of "small heat, south wind, great heat and drought" and "small heat, thunder and great heat will break the polder", which means that if there is a south wind in small heat, there must be no rain in large heat, that is to say, it is most forbidden to blow south wind in small heat, otherwise there will be a great drought; If there is thunder on a summer day, there must be a flood to burst the dike.

is it good or bad to rain on such a small summer day? Is there any indicative significance for the future weather? There are many vivid and easy to understand meteorological proverbs spread all over China, from which we may learn one or two, such as: "there is rain and drought in the light heat, and there is rain and cold in the light cold." (GUI) "the rain in the light heat is like silver, and the rain in the great heat is like gold." (Su) "what time does the light heat fall, the great heat has no river embankment." (Ji) "the rain hits the head of the light heat, and there is no cattle in 45 days." (Su) (it means that if it rains on the day of slight heatstroke, it will be rainy for a long time in the future, and the cow will not be used for the moment) "the sun will not be seen in slight heatstroke, and the stones will be exposed in great heatstroke." (Su and Xiang)

It can be seen that if it rains in a small summer, it can still predict the sunny and rainy weather in the future. Experienced farmers can take this as a reference to carry out the next crop management planning.

in addition, the thunder of the small summer solar term also has a corresponding relationship with the sunny and rainy weather in the future. For example, what is the relationship between the small summer solar term and Huangmei The proverb "a little summer brings a thunder, and half a month turns upside down to make a yellow plum". The thunderstorm in the little summer season is often the weather information of "pouring a yellow plum", and the omen rain belt will remain in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River for a period of time.

and the cool and hot solar terms of the little summer are also related to the future weather. The meteorological proverbs in this regard are: "the little summer is very hot, and the big summer is chilly." (Shanghai, Hunan, Liao and Jin) "the small heat is thoroughly hot, and the great heat is cool." (Sichuan and Guizhou) "the small heat is chilly, and the great heat is hot." (Hunan) "the small heat is overheated, and September is cold early." (Su) "the small heat is too hot, and September is cold early." (Ji) "the small heat is too hot, and autumn is cold early." (Hunan) You may also like: what are the local customs of the Zhongyuan Festival? The origin and customs of the 24 solar terms of the summer heat season? Is it hot from this day? Eat an eel in summer. Why is the eel a treasure

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