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Which foods are the most suitable for replenishing qi and removing fire in summer heat?

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summer solar term is the hottest time of the year. At that time, the weather is hot, hot and humid, which is most likely to hurt the body and consume gas. If you are not careful, you will get angry. So, how should the solar terms of great heat adjust eating habits and what food to eat to replenish qi and eliminate fire? Now let's get to know.


and 大暑需补气去火哪些食物最合适? you may like "eating noodles in the summer. According to health experts, before and after the summer is the hottest period of the year, and high temperature and humidity are the main climatic characteristics of the summer. In this season, people often have symptoms such as heavy head, depression, burnout, chest tightness and poor appetite. In hot summer, it is easy to cause people's anger to rise, which is manifested in emotional irritability, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Therefore, people should pay attention to replenishing qi and removing fire in their diet before and after the summer heat. The best choice is winter melon, balsam pear, watermelon skin, mung bean and other seasonal fruits and vegetables with cool and clear summer heat, which can replenish water Nourishing yin and detoxifying heat.

pickled watermelon peel raw materials: 250g watermelon peel, 1 / 8 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon rice vinegar.


methods: 1. After eating 250 grams of watermelon skin (watermelon skin had better take a little red pulp, which tastes sweet and delicious), remove the hard skin outside the watermelon skin with a knife and leave the pulp. 2. Cut the melon pulp into small diced watermelon of 1cm square with a knife. 3. Put the diced watermelon in a bowl, sprinkle 1 / 8 teaspoon salt and marinate it aside for 3 minutes (not too much salt, just a little to sterilize the watermelon skin and make the watermelon skin taste sweeter). 4. Pour 1 tbsp rice vinegar into the pickled diced watermelon and stir evenly with chopsticks.


steamed Momordica charantia raw materials: half a root of Momordica charantia, 200g pork, 100g black fungus, 5g raw powder, 5g salt, 3G raw soy sauce, 5g oyster sauce, 5g Lake powder and 1tbsp vegetable oil.


methods: 1. Wash balsam pear, turn it around with a knife, and dig out the seeds and pulp. 2. Cut into slightly thick bitter gourd rings horizontally. 3. Boil a pot of water, put salt and vegetable oil in the water, boil it, put balsam pear in it, burn it, see the color of balsam pear turn green, and then take it out, supercooled. 4. Wipe the water off the balsam pear ring and smear the inner ring with raw powder. 5. Chop black fungus and pork, mix them into meat stuffing with salt and raw meat, and put them on a plate. 6. Boil a pot of water. After the water in the pot boils, put the brewing balsam pear into the pot and steam over high heat for 12 minutes. 7. Pour the juice from the steaming balsam pear plate into the pot, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, oyster sauce and lake powder, mix it into a thin thicken, and pour it on the brewing balsam pear.


Honey mung bean and white gourd drink raw materials: 100g mung bean, 100g white gourd, 5g honey and appropriate amount of water.


methods: 1. Wash mung beans and soak them in clean water for about 30 minutes. 2. Peel and flesh white gourd and cut into small grains. 3. Pour mung beans into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high fire for about 15 minutes, and wait for mung beans to bloom slightly. 4. Pour in the white gourd grains, continue to cook until the white gourd grains are ripe, turn off the fire and cool, put them into the refrigerator for refrigeration, and add an appropriate amount of honey when drinking. Conclusion of


: in summer, you should not eat too full. Usually, you can only eat seven or eight times full. You should eat less spicy and fried food. You should not eat a lot of cold drinks to avoid damaging the function of spleen and stomach. You should pay attention to comprehensive and balanced nutrition.

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