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In the White Dew season, these eight dietary choices are not good

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White Dew solar term, the weather turns cool and autumn dryness becomes more and more obvious. At this time, the key point of health preservation is "Nourishing Yin", that is, nourishing yin and Qi. Diet focuses on strengthening the spleen and moistening dryness. Some foods that should not be eaten or should be eaten less should be avoided in time. Now let's take a look at the eight dietary choices in the White Dew season.

白露时节,这八种饮食选择要不得 what are the effects of Bailu tea you may like

1. Do not eat according to the food safety period. Although some foods have good health effects, they are not suitable for consumption in some time periods. If the food itself is in danger, or our body is in conflict with certain food characteristics, we should pay special attention. For example, honey has the function of nourishing yin and moistening lung, but we should pay attention not to eat honey in July of the lunar calendar, because most poisonous plants bloom in July of the lunar calendar. After bees collect the flowers of poisonous plants, the honey will also contain poison.

in addition, August and September of the lunar calendar is the supply period for nourishing Yin in autumn and winter. We should eat more food for nourishing yin and moistening lung. Ginger is a spicy food, which is easy to make people dry in autumn after eating, resulting in gas consumption and nerves, so it's best not to eat it. Melons belong to Yin cold food. Eating more hurts the spleen and stomach, so eat less in autumn.

2. Avoid blindly controlling diet. The nutrients and energy reserves needed by people should be comprehensive and balanced and must be provided through rich diet.

3. Avoid eating crabs blindly. After the Bailu solar term, the autumn is when crabs are fat. Crabs in this season are large, fat and delicious. Moreover, when entering the Bailu solar term, crabs will climb to the shore and be easy to catch. Therefore, autumn has become the best time to eat crabs. However, although the crab is delicious, there are many stresses. The crab should be cleaned. There are a large number of bacteria and sludge in the crab. If it is not cleaned, these bacteria and parasites in the sludge may be brought into the body, making the delicious crab a killer crab, which has a very adverse impact on health.

4. Avoid overeating. Most people tend to eat too much in autumn because of the pleasant climate and rich food. Excessive intake of calories will turn into fat accumulation and make people fat. In the diet of Bailu solar term, we should pay attention to an appropriate amount, not indulge in appetite and eat and drink.


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