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Solar terms health recommendation: what is the best soup to drink at the autumnal equinox?

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in late September every year, people will welcome the autumnal equinox solar term. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, people can drink more soup for autumnal equinox health preservation, which can not only alleviate autumn dryness, clear away heat and strengthen the spleen, but also supplement nutrition and enhance their physique. Now let's have a look. What's the best soup to drink at the autumnal equinox?

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"1. Yuzhu Lily lean meat soup materials: 30g Yuzhu and Lily (available in traditional Chinese medicine stores), 300g pig lean meat and 2-3 pieces of ginger. Method: wash Yuzhu and lily with clean water and soak them slightly; Pig lean meat is also washed with water, and the whole piece does not need to be cut with a knife; Then put it together with ginger into a tile pot, add 2000-2500 ml of clean water (about 8-10 bowls of water), boil it over low fire for about 2-3 hours, and mix in an appropriate amount of salt and a little raw oil. Efficacy: Yuzhu can replenish Yin and moisten dryness, generate saliva and quench thirst, and is good at treating dryness and heat due to yin deficiency of lung and stomach; Lily has the function of moistening lung, relieving cough, clearing heart and calming mind; Lean pork has the effect of filling essence and five internal organs. The combination of various substances can nourish yin, moisten dryness and reconcile the five zang organs.


2. Ingredients of lotus root ribs soup: lotus root, pork ribs, rice wine, ginger, green onion and a little salt. Method: cut pork ribs into sections and fly water; Wash and slice the lotus root, put it in 1500 ml warm water with the ribs, add a little yellow rice wine, ginger and green onion, simmer for about 90 minutes after boiling, and add a little salt. Efficacy: cooked lotus root tastes sweet and warm. It can appetize, nourish, regenerate muscle, stop diarrhea, consolidate essence, nourish stomach and Yin, strengthen spleen and replenish qi. This decoction can help people alleviate autumn dryness.

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