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How to make fresh and delicious summer solstice cold noodles?

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cold noodles, also known as cold noodles, refer to cold noodles, which are very popular all over the world. In the summer solstice, the weather starts to get hot. When you have a poor appetite and lose interest in big fish and meat, it's not good to make a colorful cold noodles, fresh and delicious. Isn't it good to eat? Now let's take a look at how to make delicious summer solstice cold noodles.

清爽美味的夏至凉面怎么做好吃? how do you fish around the summer solstice?

summer solstice cold noodles recipe 1: raw materials: noodles, pickled Chinese toon, pickled carrot, cucumber, garlic, peanut butter seasoning: balsamic vinegar steps: 1. Chop the pickled Chinese toon and pickled carrot into pieces and put them into a bowl for standby. 2. Peel the cucumber and cut it into filaments; Peel the garlic, mash it into garlic paste in a garlic masher, pour in balsamic vinegar, mix well and set aside. 3. Put peanut butter into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of cold boiled water and make it thick for standby. 4. After all the seasonings are prepared, boil water in the pot, put the noodles into the pot to cook, and put them into cold water to cool them (you can do it several times until the noodles are completely cool. It's best to use cold boiled water for the last time). 5. Put the supercooled noodles into a bowl, put shredded cucumber, vinegar and garlic, pickled Chinese toon, chopped carrot and peanut butter on it in turn, and mix well before eating.

summer solstice cold noodles recipe 2: raw materials: hand rolling noodles, red sausage, beef, cucumber, carrot, Babao beef sauce, hemp juice, black bean sprouts and sausage steps: 1. Fry beef first. Cut the beef into small pieces or thin slices, marinate it with soy sauce and cooking wine, add oil to the pan, add a little Babao beef sauce, and fry until done. 2. Fry the beef and set aside. 3. Cook and roll the noodles by hand. When the noodles are almost cooked, add a handful of black bean sprouts in them. When the water boils again, take them out together and soak them in the cold boiled water prepared in advance for standby. 4. Cut cucumber and carrot into shreds and slice sausage. 5. Take out the soaked cold noodles, add cucumber and shredded carrot, and put beef and sausage slices on it. 6. Add hemp juice and beef sauce.

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