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Who should be cautious after the beginning of winter? Pay more attention to those who are prone to disease

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is one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar and one of the traditional festivals of the Han nationality. At the beginning of winter, we have to take tonic to spend this cold winter. After the beginning of winter, some people should be very careful, otherwise they are prone to problems. So, who should pay attention? Let's go and find out.

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"1. The zodiac animals who are too old are mainly the zodiac mouse and the zodiac horse, which should be paid special attention to. The birth year of the zodiac horse is relatively better some time ago. In winter, please be careful, keep a calm and low-key, and spend this time safely. Zodiac rats should pay attention to controlling their emotions. The unit should not contradict the leaders and superiors. Don't make contradictions at home and listen to each other more.


2. People who avoid God with eight character water and wood. The prosperous winter is undoubtedly very unfavorable to friends who avoid God with eight character five element water and wood. During the time when God is in command, everything is easy to go wrong, and their mood, luck and thinking state will be at a low ebb. Therefore, they feel constrained everywhere. At this time, they should be more careful and remind themselves to stay away from right and wrong, Even if you encounter problems, first calm down and find a way. Don't lose your temper and make contradictions. This will only make nun worse.

III. for people with bad heart and kidney, the five elements of the heart belong to fire and the five elements of the kidney belong to water. In the season when fire is booming and water is booming, friends with bad heart or kidney must be more careful and pay attention to health preservation. Old friends should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm. When the wind is strong, try to avoid exercise and going out, and strengthen self-protection.

4. Many people who plan to adjust their career in the near future intend to "toss around" around the end of the year, or adjust their work units, or start a business, invest, etc. others are already planning for next year. These friends still want to remind you to be careful. From the natural law, this season is the season of "winter storage", If you don't have a full grasp, it's best to plan in many ways, because once the luck is bad at this time, it's easy to have a "green and yellow" or a "white busy year".


tonic methods at the beginning of winter. As the saying goes, "three nine tonics for one winter, there will be no pain in the coming year". Winter is also a good time for tonic. However, it should be reminded that during tonic, to make the intestines and stomach adapt, it is best to introduce tonic first. Generally speaking, stewed beef jujube, peanut kernel and brown sugar can be selected first, and some ginger jujube beef soup can also be cooked, To adjust the function of spleen and stomach. Hot porridge in winter is also a good choice for health preservation. For example, eating Laba porridge helps to increase calories and nutritional functions. Wheat porridge has the function of nourishing the heart and removing trouble, sesame porridge can benefit essence and Yin, radish porridge can eliminate food and phlegm, walnut porridge can nourish yin and consolidate essence, Poria cocos porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach, jujube porridge can replenish qi and Yin, and so on.


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