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When does rime island have rime? Before and after heavy snow

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rime island is a small island on the Songhua River. There are villages such as Hantun and zengtongtun in Wulajie town along the coast around the island. It is the most concentrated place for rime and the best place to watch and shoot rime. There is a local saying that "enjoy rime and go to zengtong". So if you want to enjoy the beautiful rime, please go before and after the heavy snow.

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"rime island when is there rime? Because rime only appears in cold winter, winter is the best travel time. When you go to rime island before and after heavy snow, you can just enjoy the wonders of rime along the river. The best time to watch rime is from December to February of the next year. The ideal time to shoot rime is about 10:00-11:30 a.m. The formation of rime must have certain climatic conditions, such as high fog humidity, low temperature around minus 20 ℃, no wind, no snow and other meteorological weather. Therefore, before ordering the itinerary, it is best to pay attention to the broadcast of the formation time of rime in the local media.

where is rime island? Address: precautions for


to rime Island, Manchu Town, Wula street, Longtan District, Jilin City, Jilin Province: Jilin is very cold in winter, and the temperature can reach more than ten to tens of degrees below zero. It must be prepared for cold protection. 1. Keep warm. It's best to wear soft cold proof gloves and cold proof shoes, which can not only prevent slipping on the ice and snow road, but also be light and flexible when skiing. 2. Skin care. Take some greasy balm products to prevent rough and dry skin. 3. Eye protection. A pair of sunglasses should be prepared to prevent the sun reflected by the snow from stabbing the eyes. 4. Anti skid. When walking on ice and snow, the knees should be slightly bent and the center of gravity of the body should lean forward, so it is not easy to fall. 5. Keep out the cold. As the temperature is low, the heat required increases accordingly. You can take some chocolate with you to supplement the heat. In addition, it's best to carry a thermos for travel, so that you can drink hot water at any time. 6. Drugs. Cold medicine, in particular, is an essential medicine for the trip to Northeast China. 7. Camera. In cold conditions, the camera is easy to fail, especially the "fool" camera is more afraid of freezing. Therefore, you must pay attention to the warmth of the camera outdoors, or hide it in your arms, or put a hand warmer in the camera bag. If possible, it is best to bring a manual camera; When entering the room from the outside, remember to wrap the camera with thick cloth or put it in a plastic bag for protection, otherwise the camera will have "anti frost" phenomenon (the whole camera is full of water droplets) due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside the room. 8. Film. The film is brittle after being frozen, so don't use too much force when pulling the film outdoors, otherwise the film will be easily broken.

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