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Summer farming arrangements must be known, everything is perfect

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small summer solar term represents the official beginning of summer season. At this time, crops have entered the stage of vigorous growth in most parts of China, and agricultural management is very important. So, let's join Xiaobian today to see what the arrangements for Xiaoshu farming must know.

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have high temperature and rich light and heat resources after a slight summer heat, which is conducive to the growth and development of autumn crops such as rice, cotton and corn. It is a vigorous stage for both nutritional and reproductive growth of crops. At the same time, drought, waterlogging, wind, rain and insects also occur from time to time. Therefore, we should make full preparations for disaster prevention and resistance.


are the main farming activities in the summer solar term. First, weeding and weeding of medium rice, applying jointing and booting fertilizer according to the field and seedling conditions, laying the field at the appropriate time, and paying attention to the prevention and control of diseases and pests such as stripe leaf blight and Chilo suppressalis; Second, cotton is cultivated, weeding, soil cultivation, pruning, drainage and drought resistance, and chemical control; Pay attention to the prevention and control of bugs, red spiders and other pests.


the third is to rush to plant summer potato and spring potato, and do a good job in intercropping, weeding, fertilization and ridge cultivation; Inter tillage of summer soybean to loosen soil, root and leaf cultivation of spring maize to improve grain weight, prevention and control of small leaf spot and corn borer of summer maize, and dredging of ditch system to prevent rain and waterlogging. Timely harvest the spearmint and lift the oil in time. Fourth, autumn vegetables such as autumn tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, autumn string beans, autumn cucumbers and carrots are sown and raised in batches with different varieties; Eggplant, fruit, melon, beans and vegetables are harvested and listed by stages to make up for the deficiency. Fifth, do a good job in autumn mating of livestock and strengthen the feeding and management of adult fish. Check the dykes, culverts and gates, and prepare for typhoon and rainstorm. Before and after the


heatstroke, except for harvesting winter and spring wheat and other crops in the northeast and northwest, agricultural production is mainly busy with field management. Early rice is in the late stage of grain filling, early maturing varieties should be ripe and harvested before the summer, and the field should be kept dry and wet. The mid season rice has been jointing and entered the booting stage. The panicle fertilizer should be applied according to the growth trend to promote large panicles and more grains.

at this time, single cropping late rice is tillering, so tillering fertilizer should be applied as soon as possible. Double late seedlings should be protected against diseases and insect pests, and sufficient "marriage fertilizer" should be applied 5-7 days before seedling planting. Cotton in most cotton areas begins to blossom and bear Bolls at this time, and grows most vigorously. While re applying flower and boll fertilizer, it is necessary to prune, branch and remove old leaves in time, so as to coordinate the nutrient distribution in the plant, enhance ventilation and light transmission, improve the group microclimate and reduce the shedding of buds and bolls.

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