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It is necessary in hot summer. What kind of tea is the healthiest in hot summer

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is the solar term of great heat. The weather is hot and muggy. People are easy to be depressed and irritable in such weather, and they often feel tired and weak. At this time, the most important thing is to prevent heatstroke and cool down and get rid of the summer heat. Now let's take a look at some essential heatstroke tea in summer, which can clear away heat and detoxification and help you spend summer refreshing.

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"1. Balsam pear summer tea cut the upper end of balsam pear, dig out the pulp of balsam pear, put it into green tea, hang the melon in a ventilated place, dry it in the shade, take it down and wash it, chop it together with tea, mix it evenly, take 10g, put it into a cup, brew it with boiling water, stuffy for half an hour, and you can drink it frequently. This prescription has the effect of clearing away heat, relieving heat and removing annoyance. It is suitable for heatstroke, fever, thirst and irritability, adverse urination, etc.


2. Lotus leaf herbal tea take half of the fresh lotus leaf, tear it into small pieces, cook it with 10g Atractylodes macrocephala, 6G patchouli and 6G licorice for 20 minutes, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and drink after cooling. clearing away heat and toxic material.


3. 50g honeysuckle of honeysuckle tea, add 500ml of water, soak for half an hour, then boil over high fire and then low fire for 15 minutes, pour out the medicine juice, boil with water, take the medicine juice and store it for standby. You can also add a little orange peel instead of tea. It can clear away heat.


4. Towel gourd nectar tea wash towel gourd flowers, put them into a covered cup, brew with boiling water and cover for 15 minutes. Mix in honey and drink it while it is hot, or drink it twice. 1 ~ 2 doses per day. Clearing lung, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. Treat lung heat, asthma and cough, yellow phlegm, sticky, shortness of breath and dry mouth.


5. Boil wolfberry red jujube tea in cold water, add red jujube and wolfberry, cook for about 5 minutes, add rock sugar and cook until it dissolves. Lycium barbarum can nourish the liver and kidney, brighten the eyes, moisten the lungs and quench thirst, and then make people ruddy.


6. Watermelon skin herbal tea many people discard the skin after eating watermelon. It's a pity to use the green layer of the outer skin, wash it, cut it into pieces, boil it in an appropriate amount of water for about half an hour, remove the residue and take the juice, add a small amount of sugar and stir it evenly. Watermelon skin herbal tea that can relieve heat, diuresis and detoxification is made.


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