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Ear seed folk custom: where is an Miao of ear seed

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ear seed is the ninth solar term of the year. In most areas of China, ear seed is a good time for crop cultivation, and there are some folk customs related to farming. Ear seed safety is an example. Today, let's understand what local folk custom is.

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ear seed and seedling installation is an agricultural custom spread in Jixi, Anhui Province. Every time when the ear seed season is over, after planting rice, in order to pray for a good harvest in autumn, seedling installation and sacrifice activities are held everywhere. Every household uses new wheat flour evaporation bags to pinch the flour into the shape of grain, six livestock, melons, fruits and vegetables, and then dye the color with vegetable juice as sacrificial offerings to pray for grain harvest and villagers' peace.


it is said that "anmiao" originated in the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, and gradually flourished in the late Daoguang years of the Qing Dynasty. According to historical records, the sixth day of the sixth lunar month is the birthday of the heavenly Father and mother. It is the day to sound gongs, burn paper and insert small red flags in the corners of the fields. The villages of Fuling, Beicun, Hujia and hoe invited monks to do fasting on the first "dragon and tiger day" after grain in ear. Then they held flags and drums and carried the Taiwei master to patrol tiansaka to pray for good weather and bumper crops. Therefore, it is called "anmiao". Before the planting of


, the rice seedlings were planted and the grain was sown. The farmers were gratified. As a token of joy, the village chiefs called the respected elders to choose the auspicious day. Each family used new wheat flour evaporation bags to pinch the flour into the shapes of grain, six livestock, melons, fruits and vegetables, and then dyed the color with vegetable juice as a sacrificial offering to pray for grain harvest The villagers are safe.


therefore, after the rice seedlings of the last farmer are planted, the clan head will show the "seedling installation sticker" to indicate the date of seedling installation. Generally speaking, due to the differences in the climate between Lingnan and Lingbei, the dengyuan area in Lingnan is generally held on an auspicious day after ear planting, while the Shangzhuang area in Lingbei is basically held on the third day of June every year. If the specific date of "an Miao" in


villages is not fixed, the village head shall decide according to the progress of the family affairs of the village. Although all villages do bags and exercises on different days, on the day of "anmiao" in a village, not only the villagers can go home to taste anmiao bags and chopsticks at will, but also the villagers outside the village can enter the village and join the family with hengkou blessing. It is happy and full of a festive atmosphere.

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