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Xiaoman Xiaoman, wheat grain gradually full: Xiaoman field picture

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is a period when the grain of summer crops such as wheat begins to be full, but it is not a full time, so it is still important to do a good job in field management. So today, let's enjoy Xiaoman's field pictures and feel the fullness and joy of work.

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"from the perspective of climate characteristics, from the Xiaoman solar term to the next solar term, all parts of the country gradually enter summer, the temperature difference between the north and the south is further reduced, and the precipitation is further increased. There is an old saying that "when Xiaoman is dissatisfied, he will dry up the ridge", which means that when Xiaoman is dissatisfied, if the field is dissatisfied with water, it may cause the ridge to dry and crack. Therefore, some farmers' uncles are busy at this time.


at this time, the summer harvest crops are mature or close to maturity; Spring sowing crops grow vigorously; The autumn harvest crop is about to be sown. The spring sowing work in the northern region has basically ended. All localities should do a good job in the field management of spring sowing crops. In areas with recent rainfall, we should seize the favorable opportunity after the rain, check and replant seedlings in time, and strive to ensure that the seedlings are complete and strong; At the same time, pay attention to prevent the harm of strong wind and strong cooling weather to the seedlings of spring crops.


northern winter wheat has entered the key stage of yield formation. It is necessary to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water in the later stage, prevent premature senescence of roots and leaves, promote full grain filling of winter wheat and improve grain weight; Areas with moisture content deviation should be irrigated in time to prevent the harm caused by high temperature, drought and "dry hot wind" weather. For areas where heavy rain and strong wind may occur, do not water before the weather process, so as to reduce wheat lodging.


southern summer grain and oil crop producing areas should seize the sunny weather and harvest the mature wheat and rape in time to avoid losses caused by adverse weather. After transplanting early rice in Jiangnan and South China, attention should be paid to shallow water irrigation and timely fertilization to promote early growth, rapid development and multiple tillers of early rice; The fields with enough seedlings shall be drained and dried in time, the ineffective tillers shall be controlled, and attention shall be paid to the monitoring and prevention of rice diseases and pests.

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