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Enjoy the hot summer scenery

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the ancients said: the great heat is the extreme heat. Entering the solar term of great heat, the heat wave in the air makes people really feel that this is midsummer, which is the hottest period of the year. So today, let's enjoy the hot summer scenery and feel the beauty of the world in the hot air.

炎热盛夏,大暑图片风景欣赏 you may like the climatic characteristics of the great summer solar term

the great summer solar term is "three volts", which is the period with the most sunshine and the highest temperature in China in a year. Most parts of the country are dry and rainy, the air temperature in many areas is more than 35 degrees, and the commonly known "three Furnaces" are also the most prosperous. Ancient books say that "the big one is the extreme of heat". The degree of heat increases from small to large, and the beginning of autumn is after the great heat, which just conforms to the law that things will turn against each other at the extreme. It can be seen that the degree of heat in the great heat.


before and after the summer heat is the time of the highest temperature in a year, and crops grow fastest. Early rice enters the harvest period, cotton enters the flowering and Bolling period, and soybeans are flowering and podding. Drought, flood and wind disasters are the most frequent in most areas, and the tasks of rush harvesting and planting, drought resistance, drainage and typhoon prevention are very heavy.


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are in great heat. The degree of heat reaches the peak. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling at home or out. At the same time, the great heat is also the time when Yang Qi is at its peak in a year. "Winter diseases are cured in summer". Using the nutritional effect of diet to maintain health and prolong life is also an effective method to reduce diseases and prevent aging.


there is an ambush between slight and severe heat. The so-called ambush is actually the beginning of autumn expelling summer. Autumn gathers Yin Qi in Tibet. The more the moisture evaporates, the heavier it is. It is the edge of sultry heat. The ancient book "health preservation miscellaneous compilation" said: "the old man is weak, and in summer, Yin is included. It is not suitable to dry heat and tonic medicine, but to use flat tonic and mild, such as Bawei pills, to help vitality."


old Beijing said: "the head is covered with dumplings, the second is covered with noodles, and the third is covered with pancakes with eggs". In fact, the three different pasta are the embodiment of the ancient people's "making soup cakes to ward off evil", Soup cake generally refers to all pasta. According to the cookbook of the Song Dynasty, it's elegant to eat green lotus buns on the next day.

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