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Talented people come out of the rivers and mountains, and Tang poetry and Song Ci talk about beginning of the autumn

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the ancients said: "hurt spring and mourn autumn". In the cool breeze at the beginning of autumn, writers and writers of all dynasties often have long thoughts, and their literary thoughts are like springs. With gentle and gentle strokes, they describe the beautiful scenery in autumn and express the sadness of knowing autumn. So today, let's enjoy the poems with the content of Liqiu.

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"in the new autumn, Tang Qiji was surprised at the beginning of the autumn, and then met at the beginning of autumn. The dew is still cold in the morning, and the cloud peak is even more strange in the evening. The ridge fragrant grass is half ripe, and the original grass is slightly withered. Fortunately, in Qingguang, an Ren began to feel sad.


the beginning of autumn with Wang Qing Tang sikongshu: where should I look in autumn? Ask Baiyun official. Dark into the cicada singing tree, slightly invading the butterfly around the orchid. It's cool to the wind. It's still summer recently. Jiumo floats less and thousands of peaks are cool. Changing clothes to prevent bamboo twilight, Shen Guo is surprised by the cold spring. Gong Xiang passes the flower pestle, and the sky is clear. The high bird is the side Bian, and the swimming tuna is against the fence. It is difficult to sing a song about investment promotion.


there is a work in the autumn rain yard. In Tang Dynasty, the clouds in Dufu mountain pass through the fortress, and the fire flows to the West. The flying rain moves the Chinese house, and the rustling Liang Dongqiu. I'm ashamed of my bosom friend when I'm in poverty. Have spent the morning paying homage to the grower. Undress and open the north house, high pillow to the south building. The trees are wet, the wind is cool, the river is noisy, and the water is floating. Courtesy, ease and comfort, festival and cool, slight disease. The Lord will return to diaoding, and I will visit jiuqiu.


climbing the garden of music in autumn Tang Bai Juyi walked alone, singing a monologue at the head of the river, and returned to the horse to travel happily. The rustling cool wind and fading temples, who taught me to plan for a moment of autumn.


after the beginning of autumn Tang Du Fu did not spare the sun and the moon, and the festival preface was separated last night. The mysterious cicada has no stop, and the autumn swallow is like a guest. I wish alone in my life, melancholy for half a hundred years. It's also up to people to dismiss officials. What's the matter? Detention.


a dream on the eve of the beginning of autumn Tang · Bai Juyi dew bamboo mat clear, fan palm light. As soon as I say goodbye to my old friend, goodbye to the new cicada. It's cool in the evening. It's leisure time. Return to the lamp to see the crane, smell the wind Sheng across the bamboo. One or two dippers of night tea and three autumn chants. Thoughts are thousands of miles away, outside the clouds, Changzhou City.


in the beginning of autumn, Tang Liu Yanshi warned against flowing fire in the morning, and Shang Biao was already surprised. The clouds and sky receive the color of summer, and the leaves move with the sound of autumn.

Fisherman's pride · the beginning of autumn on Tanabata song · Qin Guan overlooks the lake on Tanabata. Wind and smoke make autumn look. No cloud screen monthly account. The sky rippled. The Dragon crossed the Milky Way waves. Twenty years ago today. Black toad black magpie on the high building. Looking back on the west wind, I still remember. It's too late. Everything in the world becomes melancholy.

Si Jia Ke · West Lake the day before the beginning of autumn song Gao Guanguo refused to draw a boat beside the building. Carry poetry and wine into the wind and smoke. The waves splash white, suspicious flying herons, and the lotus remains red like a lotus. Wake up drunk dream, call Yin Xian. Don't startle the cicada with a leaf in autumn. Baiyun Village is gentle and far away, forming a cool world edge.


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