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Wheat seedlings smirk under the snow, about Lidong's children's song

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

represents the beginning of winter. Winter is not only cold, but also a season full of artistic conception. In winter, you can't let your children feel cold, you have to let TA feel the joy of children's songs. Today, I want to introduce the children's songs about the winter solstice, which is also the children's songs of winter. Come and have a look. Take your children to study happily.

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"1. Small snowflakes, small snowflakes, small snowflakes, love to play in the air, turn somersaults, float and float, float on the trees and underground. The sun came out and looked at it. It disappeared in a blink.

2. Grandpa Dong's beard grandpa Dong's beard: shiny, hard, where to hang? Branches, eaves, cliffs and wind dolls like grandpa Dong's beard very much. He blows and blows and swings, making his beard jingle. Jingling, jingling, a thick and long stick fell down and gave it to grandpa as a walking stick.

3. Thousands of snowflakes, thousands of flowers, open under the blue sky, flutter and scatter, fly to the mother earth, warm the underground, many tender spring buds, and bring countless Winter Fairy Tales to children.

4. Ice window flowers come in winter. It's cold. The windows are full of ice window flowers. Some are like coral, some are like branches, some are like mountains, and some are like towers. Ah, who is a skillful little painter with such beautiful paintings.

5. It snows one after another. Winter comes. It snows one after another. Magpies cry. Snowflakes are like goose feathers. Pine and cypress trees are green. Chimonanthus and Narcissus bloom well. Wheat seedlings smile under the snow and hibernating animals sleep.

6. Chimonanthus chinensis has a yellow face and no green clothes. When the snow is a quilt, the wind comes to my chest. Other flowers are afraid of winter. Only Chimonanthus praecox blooms vigorously.


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