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The character of people born in the beginning of winter, "frozen" people?

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you may believe that constellation I can really determine everyone's personality, but do you know that people born at the beginning of winter will also have a doomed personality? Maybe you don't believe it, but it really exists and is true. Well, please have a look. Maybe it's true? Now, let's go and have a look with Xiaobian.

立冬 may also be interested in the people born in Lidong. How are the people born in Lidong from November 9 to November 21? The word "winter" of Lidong means to end. It has entered winter at this time. Did farmers in ancient times? The activity also ended at this time, and many animals began to hibernate. On the day of the beginning of winter, there is a well-known custom, that is, "making up for winter". In the five elements, the month of Hai and the month of Zi belong to the month of water, and these two months are the two months after the beginning of winter. We all know that in the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, only water has no fixed shape. If you put it in a square vessel, it is square and put it in a circle? It is round, and the variability is the greatest. Friends born in this season can also adapt to the environment better than those born in other seasons, and can easily warm the atmosphere. It can be said that it is a disadvantage of unstable mind that social experts should pay special attention to. Emotionally, he is a romantic lover who is good at sweet words.


people born in the beginning of winter are more emotional. If they are women, they are more romantic. Because the beginning of winter officially entered winter, water began to enter a vigorous state. As for the five elements of water, its nature is soft. Therefore, people born in and after the beginning of winter are sensitive and tend to hesitate, be less decisive and be soft hearted.


people born in the beginning of winter will walk a lot in their life, often travel south and North, and even live and work in peace and contentment in other places. Because winter is a season of abundant water, another property of water is flow, and the direction is irregular. Therefore, their post horses are very heavy and are destined to be busy. They often have to travel or move.


people born at the beginning of winter are more pessimistic than ordinary people, because the water is prosperous in winter and the water five elements are cold. Fatalistically speaking, it is the so-called Golden cold water cooling. They always have a lot of things in their hearts. Rarely share with others, and when facing things, it is easy to be pessimistic and worry about things.


people born in the beginning of winter have many twists and turns in their feelings. Generally, they are prone to puppy love, but puppy love is easy to fail. For these people, the more emotional they are, the more they value their feelings, but they are always hurt. Therefore, they are destined to be vulnerable people on the emotional road.


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