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Bailu has many benefits from eating longan. It has miraculous effects on nourishing the body

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Bailu is the 15th solar term of the year. At this time, the weather turns cool rapidly and the autumn is getting stronger and stronger. At this time, people often eat sweet potatoes, drink green tea and rice wine to help tonic and health preservation, and longan is often eaten by people, which is said to be very good for their health. Then let's see what effect Bailu has on eating longan.

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in Fuzhou, there is a common saying that "Bailu eats longan, a top chicken". Although this statement is exaggerated, longan itself has a variety of effects, such as supplementing qi and spleen, nourishing blood and calming nerves, moisturizing and beauty. Moreover, longan before Bailu has a large core, small, sweet and good taste. It is also a seasonal fruit.


experts say that longan meat is sweet and nourishing, enters the heart and spleen meridians, is good at tonifying the heart and spleen, and is sweet and delicious without greasy and blocking Qi. It is not only a good product for tonifying the heart and spleen, but also a good food for autumn dew. For those who have been ill for a long time or are physically weak in the elderly, they often have the disease of insufficient Qi and blood, which is characterized by pale or yellow complexion, fatigue, palpitation, shortness of breath, etc. longan meat not only tonifies the heart and spleen, but also benefits Qi and blood, sweet and peaceful. It has good curative effect, and can achieve the effect of treating and preventing anemia. Therefore, if you are lack of Qi and blood, you might as well eat some longan when Bailu, which can effectively treat anemia.

however, not everyone is suitable for Bailu to eat longan. Because longan is a fruit with partial temperature, excessive consumption will cause symptoms such as redness and constipation. Therefore, people who are prone to get angry should eat less longan. In addition, diabetic patients and patients with courage and insight are not advised to eat longan with Bailu. Moreover, it is best to peel longan and soak it in boiled porridge or rice soup. Eat it at breakfast to strengthen the spleen and supplement water. It is not easy to get angry. At the same time, whether it is anemia or not, Bailu can't eat too much longan. It's best for children not to exceed 250g a day and adults not to exceed 500g.


there is an old saying in Fuzhou: "Bailu longan carlinen", which means that small longan can also make fun of people. Asked the old man, he said that Bailu ate longan that day, many people spit all over the ground, and many people will slip. Therefore, when eating longan, remember not to spit nuclear everywhere.


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