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What flower does Lidong bloom? It should be so humble

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flowers are different all year round. Some may bloom all year round, and some may only bloom at their own flowering time. Compared with summer, there are many fewer flowers in winter, but there are also some. Do you know what words are opening at the beginning of winter? Let's go and have a look.


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"safflower sheep hoof beetle: an evergreen tree with a height of 6-10m. The leaves are leathery, round or broad heart-shaped, 10-13 cm long, slightly wider than long, the top is bifid, like a sheep's hoof, the lobes are about 1 / 3 of the total length, and the ends of the lobes are round and blunt. Racemes or sometimes branched and paniculate; Red or red purple; Flowers as large as palm, 10-12 cm; Petals 5, of which 4 are arranged on both sides, opposite each other, while the other is tilted above, like an orchid; The fragrance of flowers is similar to that of orchids, so it is also called "orchid tree". The flowering period is from November to April of the next year. The flowers are as big as a palm and slightly fragrant. The five petals are evenly arranged in whorls, red or pink, very beautiful.


Chimonanthus: Chimonanthus of plum family, deciduous shrub, often in clusters. Leaves opposite, elliptic ovate to ovate lanceolate, flowers in leaf axils of second-year branches, flowers first and then leaves, fragrant, 2 ~ 4 cm in diameter; Perianth segments are round, oblong, obovate, elliptic or spoon shaped, glabrous, filaments are longer or equal than anthers, anthers are curved inward, glabrous, style is up to 3 times that of ovary, and the base is hairy. The fruit receptacle is nearly lignified, the mouth shrinks, and has subulate lanceolate hairy appendages. Leaves bloom at the end of winter. Wax plum blossoms in the winter when all flowers wither, fighting cold and proud frost, showing the Chinese nation's unyielding character in the face of rape, giving people spiritual enlightenment and beauty enjoyment. It is not only conducive to courtyard planting, but also suitable for ancient pile bonsai, flower arrangement and plastic arts. It is an ideal precious flower and tree for flower appreciation in winter.


plum blossom: deciduous tree of Prunus in Rosaceae, small tree of apricot and rare shrub; Bark light gray or greenish, smooth; Branchlets green, smooth, glabrous; Leaf blade ovate or elliptic. Plum blossom has been cultivated for more than 3000 years. It originated in southern China and was later introduced to South Korea and Japan. It has important ornamental and medicinal value. Many types are not only cultivated in the open for viewing, but also potted flowers. Plum blossom usually opens in winter and spring. It is called "four gentlemen" together with orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum; It is also known as "three friends of winter" with pine and bamboo; Chinese culture is called "spring orchid, summer lotus, autumn chrysanthemum and winter plum". With its noble, strong and modest character, Mei gives people an incentive to work hard. In the severe cold, plum blossoms come first, and spring is the only place in the world.


Camellia: camellia, also known as camellia, is a general name for a variety of plants and horticultural varieties of Camellia family and genus. The petals are bowl shaped, divided into single or double petals. Most of the single petal Camellia are primitive flowers, and the petals of double petal Camellia can be as many as 60. Camellia has different degrees of red, purple, white and yellow flowers, and even colored striped camellia, and the flower branches can reach up to 4 meters. Sex likes warm and humid environment. The flowering period is long, and it opens from October to may the next year. The full flowering period is usually from January to March. Because of its beautiful plant shape, thick green and shiny leaves and colorful flowers, it is cherished by the horticultural circles all over the world. Camellia has many varieties. It is a traditional ornamental flower in China. It ranks eighth among the "top ten famous flowers" and is also one of the world's precious flowers and trees.

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