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Does Lidong start counting nine? Correct counting time and method

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You must know the proverb

and "count nine cold days". It means that you will really enter the coldest time of the year from the ninth. So, the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. Will counting nine start from the beginning of winter? Today, I want to introduce the correct counting time and method. Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian.


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the beginning of winter is not the winter solstice, they are two different solar terms among the 24 solar terms. "Zhi" is the end of winter, "Li" is the beginning of winter, Lidong is the beginning of winter, and the winter solstice is the beginning of "count nine", indicating that the coldest time of winter has come. From the winter solstice, there is a "Nine" every nine days. As the saying goes: no action in 1929; Three nine four nine walk on the ice; 5969, insert willows along the river; 79 apricot blossoms; Eight or nine Yan returns. It means that the coldest winter is in March and September, and then the flowers gradually bloom in spring. The winter solstice festival is usually December 22. If we only count nine, it starts from the next day of the winter solstice. If it was 24 solar terms, there were four solar terms in the Shang Dynasty and eight in the Zhou Dynasty. It did not become the current 24 solar terms until the Western Han Dynasty.


count nine time: 19: December 22 ~ December 30, 29: December 31 ~ January 8, 39 of the next year: January 9 ~ January 17, 49: January 18 ~ January 26, 59: January 27 ~ February 4, 69: February 5 ~ February 13, 79: February 14 ~ February 22, 89: February 23 ~ March 3 (February 23 to March 2 in leap years) 99: March 4 to March 12 (March 3 to March 11 in leap years). The folk method of


counting nine: the winter solstice "Jiu Jiu Jiu Xiao Han song", commonly known as "Jiu Jiu Ge", is widely spread among the Han people , vividly and vividly recorded the climate and phenological changes between the winter solstice and the spring equinox of the next year, and also expressed some laws of agricultural activities. The widely circulated "Jiu Jiu Xiao Han song" said: "do not sell in 1929, walk on the ice in 3949, look at the willows along the River in 5969, the river opens in 799, Yan comes in 1989, 99 + 19, and farm cattle walk everywhere." Due to the different cold and warm climates in different places, there are some differences in Jiujiu songs. For example, Jiujiu songs are as follows: "no action in 1929; no action in 3949; the edge of Ling is gone; Ling debris is scattered in 5930; 69 heads are beaten in spring and the coat is taken off for a cow; 7963, the clothes are wide for pedestrians; no ploughing in 1989, only for 35 days; poplar flowers bloom in 999, and will not come in the future."

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