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Solar terms knowledge Seminar: what are solar terms and Zhongqi

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For quite a long time in China's history,

talked about "eating from the sky". The 24 solar terms were summarized by the ancient working people and reflected the law of the solar cycle. The ancients carried out agricultural activities according to this. The concept of Zhongqi is an important part of the twenty-four solar terms. Today let's learn what is solar terms and Zhongqi.

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"solar terms refer to 24 seasons and climate. It is a supplementary calendar established in ancient China to guide farming. People set 24 points in a year according to the position of the sun. Each point is called a solar term, which usually refers to the day on which each point is located. The 24 solar terms of


are divided into 12 sections and 12 Qi (middle Qi). There is a distinction between "section" and "Qi" every month. Twelve months is like the division of 12 bamboo sections. The middle of the bamboo section is inflated. This is the origin of solar terms and the original intention of integrity and frugality. "Festival" is the beginning of the month, and the last day of "Qi" is the end of the month.

month 12 Festival 12 Qi first month (Yin) beginning of spring rain February (MAO) awakening of insects spring equinox March (Chen) Qingming Valley rain April (already) beginning of summer small full may (afternoon) ear seed summer solstice June (not) small summer heat big summer heat July (Shen) Autumn begins and summer ends August (unitary) White Dew autumnal equinox September (Xu) cold dew frost falls October (HAI) beginning of winter light snow November (Zi) heavy snow winter solstice December (ugly) light cold

according to the Chinese lunar calendar, there must be a month with moderate Qi and no moderate Qi every month, It becomes the leap month of the previous month. So why are some months without Zhongqi? This is because the average number of days between the two solar terms and the two Zhongqi = 365.2422 ÷ 12 = 30.4368 days, while the number of new moon days is 29.5306, which has a difference of nearly one day.

therefore, the date of Zhongqi in the lunar month is postponed month by month for nearly one day. If this continues, the Zhongqi in some months will fall on the last day of this month, while there will be no Zhongqi in the next month, and Zhongqi will move to the beginning of the next month.


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