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How to process mulberry leaves after frost? Both ancient and modern methods are suitable

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frost reduction solar term is a good time for tonic in traditional health science, such as persimmon, chestnut, duck, beef and radish. Mulberry leaf is also an increasingly popular seasonal health food in recent years. It is said to have many effects such as regulating blood sugar, reducing weight and clearing fat. Frost season is a good time to pick mulberry leaves. Let's see how mulberry leaves are processed after frost.


, 霜降后桑叶怎么炮制? you may like the efficacy of mulberry leaves after frost. The processing method of


mulberry leaves was ash burning in the Tang Dynasty (food therapy); In the Song Dynasty, there was a micro frying method (Shenghui recipe); In the Ming Dynasty, there were burning and storage, steaming (compendium), baking and honey baking (criterion), nine steaming and nine drying, wine mixed steaming (awakening Zhai), etc; In the Qing Dynasty, there were such methods as steaming with honey (Fengyuan), frying (Zunsheng), baking (Chuanya Wai) and steaming with sesame grinding (de PEI).

the processing process of modern mulberry leaves is as follows: 1. Mulberry leaves: take the original medicinal materials, remove impurities, rub them into pieces, remove the handle and screen the ash debris. 2. Honey mulberry leaves: take refined honey, dilute it with an appropriate amount of boiling water, pour it into the clean mulberry leaves, mix well, moisten it, fry it over low heat until the surface is dark yellow, slightly shiny and non sticky. Take it out and let it cool. Mulberry leaves use 25kg honey for every 100kg. The mulberry leaves processed by


are irregular flakes, yellowish green or light yellowish brown, with small warty protuberances on the upper surface, raised leaf veins on the lower surface, and interwoven into a network; It is crispy, slightly fragrant, light, slightly bitter and astringent. The surface of honey mulberry leaves is dark yellow, slightly shiny, slightly sticky and sweet.

mulberry leaves are sweet, bitter and cold in nature. Return to lung meridian and liver meridian. It has the functions of evacuating wind heat, clearing lung and moistening dryness, clearing liver and brightening eyes. It is mostly used for fever, dizziness, headache, cough, sore throat, liver heat, red eyes, astringent pain and tears, and dizzy eyes with insufficient liver yin. After honey roasting, the effect of clearing lung and moistening dryness is enhanced, which is mostly used for lung heat and dry cough. The application of


mulberry leaves can be divided into two kinds: raw use and system use, in which raw use is the main one. It is often used with chrysanthemum, Forsythia suspensa and Platycodon grandiflorum. It can enhance the effect of dispersing wind and clearing heat. It can treat fever, dizziness, headache, cough and sore throat caused by exogenous wind heat; It is often used with chrysanthemum, cassia seed and plantain seed. It has the effect of relieving wind and fire. It can cure the disturbance of wind and heat, red swelling and pain of eyes, shame and tears, headache and dizziness; It is often used with black sesame. It has the functions of Tonifying the liver and kidney, clearing heat and brightening the eyes. It can be used for dizziness, tinnitus and dim eyes due to yin deficiency of the liver and kidney.


mulberry leaves are also often used with almonds, Fritillaria, Douchi, gardenia peel, etc. they have the function of clearing, cooling and moistening, and can cure the body heat caused by external dryness and heat, headache, thirst, dry cough and no phlegm. It can also be roasted with honey and fried to treat children's thirst; It can be used as plaster, almond, ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, loquat leaf and donkey hide gelatin. It can clear dryness and moisten the lungs. It can be used to warm dryness and hurt the lungs, headache and heat, dry cough without phlegm, asthmatic Qi, dry throat, chest full of hypochondriac pain, upset and thirsty; Compatible with wood butterfly, Shegan, cicada decidua, red peony, licorice, etc., it can treat throat cough.


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