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What are the customs of Chaoshan winter festival? Various food temptations

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the winter solstice has always been called the winter festival in Chaoshan area. In every place, the customs of the festival will be different, especially in the winter solstice, adults will always hear that they need tonic. What are the customs of the winter festival in Chaoshan area? Are there many beautiful foods? Let's have a look.

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"eat the winter festival pill Chaoshan winter festival pill (the southerners call it" pill ", the northerners call it" round ". Although the names are different, they have the same meaning). There are two kinds: one is the common glutinous rice pill, and the other is the Jianmi pill made of Japonica rice (add japonica rice flour with water, knead long strips, and cut them obliquely with scissors. The two ends are as sharp as white rice, so it is named. It is mainly popular in Jieyang area).

In the past, there was a woodcutter who went to the mountain and fell into the stream. The stream was so deep that there was no one to help. He could not get out of danger. Moreover, there were few people on the deep mountain road. The woodcutter shouted for help and screamed with all his strength, but there was no one to help. The woodcutter lived in the stream and ate Polygonatum ginger to avoid starvation. After more than ten years, he was hairy and light enough to fly. So Gao Fei came out of the stream and returned home. His character changed completely, and his family did not respond. He used glutinous rice flour and water The woodcutter thought that Huang Jing ginger was eaten by the woodcutter. The woodcutter gradually returned to his nature and the family could be reunited. Since then, they have developed a habit of rubbing pills.


This legend is an interpretation of the custom of eating glutinous rice balls on the winter solstice at the level of meaning. Most Chaoshan people migrate from Fujian, and eating glutinous rice balls on the winter solstice is the same custom as Fujian. Through this folk activity, Chaozhou people express more clearly the sustenance of praying for family reunion and family harmony and unity. A few days before the winter solstice, every family must first pound glutinous rice into rice flour and then dry it Dry. On the day before the winter solstice, after dinner, the housewives began to make arrangements to put a large rice shell (shallow basket) on the table or on the ground, mix the glutinous rice flour with boiled water, and then the family, both adults and children, sat around the shell, kneaded the powder into marbles like winter solstice pills, and put them in the shell to dry.

It is better to rub the winter festival pill in different sizes. This is called "father son Gongsun pill" It symbolizes that the family is round and full at the end of the year. Early in the morning of the winter solstice, the housewife cooked brown sugar soup, put the balls into the pot and cooked them into soup balls. First, she filled a large bowl to worship her ancestors. The landlord, mother-in-law, Si Mingjun, well God and Dui God also sacrificed them with a bowl of sweet pills. Then the housewife woke up the whole family to eat soup balls, commonly known as "soup balls do not eat the sky.", "You'll be one year older after eating soup pills". Especially the children most want to eat this bowl of rice balls. They often wake up several times in the middle of the night. However, it seems that the day is going to be against the children, and it's always dark. In fact, it's the day before the winter festival, and the night is the longest. After that day, it begins to get shorter and shorter.

"you'll be one year older after eating soup pills", Mr. Wang Linqian said "Talking about the little sunny spring and the arrival of cold winter" (in the fourth issue of Chaoren in 1987) said: "There are two explanations for this. One is that the winter solstice is a small celebration of the new year, and one year longer after the new year; the other is that it comes from prisoners. Because every autumn is the season of murder, those who commit capital crimes are executed in the autumn. As soon as the winter solstice arrives, it can be postponed to next year. Therefore, once prisoners eat the winter festival pill, they say they are one more year old. According to old historical materials," Sheng Ji in the later Han Dynasty was a Tingwei, and every year to the festival, they were imprisoned When a prisoner is cut off, his wife holds a candle at night and a red pen at auspicious times, and the husband and wife cry relative to each other. "Therefore, a previous poem reads:" write a pen and cry to him, mourn this and hit the prisoner. "As soon as the winter solstice is over, the knife is closed for the autumn official."

in Chaoshan area, if a family works in other places, they should leave some glutinous rice flour for him (or her) When you go home, make soup balls to show the family reunion. In addition, you should often leave some glutinous rice flour for guests. When guests come, they cook sweet balls to honor them. Many overseas Chinese in Chaoshan and Shantou used to return home in winter and go abroad in the spring. Therefore, it is also a custom to leave glutinous rice flour for their relatives to return home, which also means sweet reunion.


Eat glutinous rice dumplings in Chaoshan area. Before the winter festival, every family needs spring glutinous rice powder to make glutinous rice dumplings. On the day before the winter festival, after dinner, the housewife makes a big gourd (shallow basket) Put it on a low stool and knead the glutinous rice powder into a ball. Then, the whole family, big or small, sit around and knead the dough into winter solstice circles as big as marbles. Some people deliberately knead some uneven sized ones, which are called "father son Gongsun" circles, symbolizing that the family is full at the end of the year. Before dawn of the winter solstice, the hardworking housewives cook the "winter solstice circle" with brown sugar , put it in a bowl to worship the ancestors and the emperor. After getting up, both adults and children should eat a bowl of winter solstice before adding a year. If a family member goes out and doesn't return, be sure to leave him some glutinous rice flour and make a bowl of dumplings for him when he returns home.

In addition to people eating the winter festival circle, people also feed the cattle. If the cattle don't eat, they should try their best to wrap it with sugarcane leaves to coax it to eat. In addition, they have to paste circles on the forehead, horns, back and tail of the cattle to add longevity and happiness to the owner. On this day, people also have to paste winter festival circles on the doorrings, bullpens and pig pens at home, and put five or seven on the stove.

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