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Romantic flower fragrance in summer, what flower does ear seed open

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grain in ear is the third solar term in summer, which means the official beginning of midsummer. In this increasingly hot and humid weather, beautiful flowers and romantic flower fragrance may bring you a little fresh and cool feeling. Then let's see what flowers are blooming in the ear seed solar term.

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"I. Hosta Liliaceae, Hosta genus. Leaves basal, ovate, racemes higher than leaf clusters. Shady plants like humidity, avoid direct sunlight and are cold resistant. Shade or rock garden under trees or around buildings.


II. A string of red Labiatae, Salvia. It is not resistant to cold, semi shade, frost, snow and high temperature, and is afraid of ponding and alkaline soil. Flowers, flower beds, banded flower beds or natural plants are planted on the edge of the forest.


III. Hydrangea, Saxifragae, hydrangea. Leaves opposite, papery or nearly leathery, corymbose cymes subglobose. Like warm, not cold resistant, like shade, forest edge, dotted in the lake, pond and courtyard with short sunshine, configured with rockeries, hillsides, flower hedges and flower borders.


IV. gardenia, Rubiaceae, gardenia. Single leaf opposite or 3-impeller, leaf blade obovate, leathery, white flowers, very fragrant. Sex likes warmth, humidity, good sunshine, not cold resistant, semi Yin resistant, afraid of ponding. Resistant to sulfur dioxide. Shade ground cover, flower bed, flower border, flower hedge.


v. echinaceae, Echinacea. Plants with coarse hairs and erect stems. Basal leaves ovate or triangular, cauline leaves ovate lanceolate. It is slightly cold resistant and likes to be born in a warm and sunny place. It can be used as background planting, flower border, slope material and cut flowers.


VI. spearmint, Labiatae, Mentha. Stems erect, leaves opposite, cymes at the top of stems and branches. Like warm and humid climate.


VII. Persian chrysanthemum Compositae, autumn English. Single leaf opposite, pinnately bifid, lobes narrowly linear, entire toothless. Like light, resistant to barren, avoid fertilizer, avoid heat and avoid ponding. Flower glasses, grass edges, around trees and roadsides are planted as background materials.


VIII. Corydalis, Scrophulariaceae, Scrophularia. Flowers axillary or terminal racemes, square stems, many branches, scattered, leaves opposite. Like high temperature, heat resistance, light and semi shade resistance. Suitable for balconies, flower beds, flower beds, etc.


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