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How much do you know about the story and statement of the beginning of autumn solar term?

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solar term for the beginning of autumn is the first solar term in autumn. It is not only the transition from summer to cool, but also the mature period of Hegu. It has been valued by people since ancient times, and many ancient folk customs have been handed down all the way. Let's have a look at the story of the beginning of autumn today.

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in ancient legends, the God of autumn is called fertility. She had a snake on her left ear and a giant axe on her right shoulder. According to the book of mountains and seas, he lives in the mountain where he can see the sunset. The snake on the ear means to reproduce and live forever. The book of songs · skan says, "vipers and vipers are the auspiciousness of women." if you dream of snakes, you will have a beautiful daughter.


produce huge axes on his shoulders, indicating that he is also a god of punishment. In ancient times, prisoners were executed after the beginning of autumn, which was called qiuhou interrogation. Autumn is murderous. "It's sad that autumn is full of Qi. It's bleak. Plants and trees shake down and become old." so when I receive it, I always feel cool. Wutong is most sensitive to the cool meaning of


. As soon as the beginning of autumn comes, it begins to fall leaves. "Wutong falls, and the world knows its autumn." "Flower mirror" says: this wood can know the age. It has twelve leaves on each branch, symbolizing twelve months of the year. If there is a leap month, it will grow one more. Wutong,

, and

, bloom on Tomb Sweeping Day. If it does not bloom, it will be very cold in winter. Planting a Wutong tree in the yard can not only know the age but also bring phoenix. Wutong is in the higher part of the mountain. Wutong is born in Chaoyang. Phoenix is not a phoenix tree. Therefore, the palace must be planted with Wutong tree. On the day of


, the chief officer of the Tai Shi was at the palace hall outside the palace early, and his eyes were fixed on the Wutong tree in the courtyard. When a gust of wind came and a leaf left the branch, the imperial historian immediately shouted, "autumn is coming." so one person after another shouted, "autumn is coming" and "autumn is coming". The sound of autumn spread all over the palace city.


did not wait for the echo to disappear, and the soldiers with neat armor rushed out to protect the emperor. They are going to shoot at the hunting ground in the suburbs. Shooting has two meanings. First, it indicates that from now on, soldiers will begin training; Second, prepare sacrifices for the autumn God. With a horn, the soldiers rushed into the forest, drove out the elk, fox, rabbit and deer from far to near, and let the emperor shoot with an arrow.

while the emperor was hunting, people in remote villages were busy. A girl who loves beauty will pick several leaves of Wutong, cut them into different patterns and put them on the bun. Naughty children were booing around them, and their mother called them home. First wash their hands, and then stretch them out. Mother put seven red beans in the palm of their hand, and then handed them a bowl of well water. Let them bite the beans and swallow them with the well water. It is said that after eating, you will not have dysentery.


Dad, he has to put down his work and go to the market in the street. The most important thing is to buy chicken head vegetables. Buy it, mix it with musk, wrap it with a large lotus leaf, tie it around your waist with a red rope, and hum a tune home. I want to eat chicken head vegetables at the beginning of autumn. The scientific name of chicken head dish is Euryale ferox. It is crispy and refreshing after stir frying. Shen Nong's herbal classic says that eating thicken can make people smart.


Grandma had been busy the day before. She had to pick melons in the field, take bamboo poles to hit fruit on the trees, steam the eggplant and put it in the yard to dry. When everyone had eaten in the evening of the beginning of autumn, she smiled and brought everything out for adults and children to eat while enjoying the cool.

the leftover peach stones can't be thrown away. They should be given to grandma. So the children gave her a handful of peach stones one by one. Grandma lifted the two corners of the apron with her hand and let the children put it in. Peach stones should be kept until new year's Eve and burned in the stove. This will prevent colds and plague.


recorded in the five Lantern Festival yuan: "the Buddha picked flowers at the Lingshan meeting and showed them to the public. At that time, everyone was silent, but the Buddha of Kaya smiled." so the Buddha passed the mantle to Kaya. The small peach kernel is implicated in the great plague. When you see a leaf falling, you know the autumn of the world. Mahaka leaf can realize the universal and all inclusive Dharma from a golden bharata picked up by the Buddha. It is a kind of great wisdom to know from a small perspective. Can only be understood, unspeakable.

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