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What diseases are easy to suffer from in winter? Cardiovascular protection

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in winter, many people choose not to exercise because of the cold weather, and their diet is not well controlled, so they often see the occurrence of many diseases. Then, what diseases are most likely to suffer from in winter, especially in the winter solstice? Let's look down and pay attention to prevention.


, 冬至 also want to understand the difference between winter and winter solstice


1, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction as the high-risk group of cardiovascular disease: the elderly, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise and family history of cardiovascular disease prevention recommendations: winter temperature, large blood vessels, easy contraction and spasm. Dryness is also easy to cause blood viscosity and induce coronary heart disease. We should pay attention to keep warm and avoid excessive contraction of blood vessels; Replenish water, no less than 2000ml water per day to reduce blood viscosity; Avoid eating raw and cold food; Reduce morning exercise; Maintain emotional stability.

2. High risk groups of cerebrovascular diseases represented by stroke and cerebral thrombosis: the elderly, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and people with family history of cerebrovascular diseases. Prevention suggestions: in winter, the contraction of human capillaries and the increase of peripheral resistance of blood circulation will increase blood pressure and promote thrombosis. The elderly are more likely to induce stroke. We should pay attention to keep warm and avoid excessive contraction of blood vessels; People with medical history must pay attention to taking medicine on time; The diet should be light and ensure fresh fruit; Maintain emotional stability.

3. High risk groups of respiratory diseases represented by cold, chronic bronchitis and asthma: prevention suggestions for the whole population, especially sub-health people: you can prepare some acupoint stickers. When you feel the initial symptoms of cold such as dry throat wall and itchy throat, stick them at the corresponding acupoints. The effective points for preventing respiratory diseases include Dazhui, Fengchi, Tanzhong, Yingxiang, Tiantu, Feishu, etc. The time of acupoint application for adults is 6-8 hours. During the application, fast from raw, cold, greasy and spicy food. Asthma patients should avoid cold air.

4. High risk groups of skin diseases represented by skin pruritus: prevention suggestions for people with dry skin: in winter, due to the reduction of human generation and secretion, there will be insufficient oil on the skin surface, the resistance of the skin will be reduced, and the symptoms of skin pruritus are very easy to occur. It doesn't matter to take a bath frequently, but don't use alkaline shower gel when taking a bath, and be sure to use skin cream after taking a bath; For people with dry skin, when taking a bath at home, you can put 2-3 liang of boiled oats or starch in the bathtub, which can nourish the skin.

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