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Winter solstice moxibustion on those acupoints will make you feel comfortable all winter

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moxibustion is the most popular health preservation method now, and it basically won't affect everyone's daily life. Therefore, we don't worry about any sequelae. Especially when we do moxibustion at the winter solstice, we can not fear the cold wind all winter and make you comfortable in winter. So which acupoint should we use?

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"Zhongwan point: it belongs to Fumai, which is located at the midpoint of the connecting line between the lower edge of sternum and navel. It is an important point in the middle Jiao of the human body. The middle Jiao is the pivot of the upper and lower Jiao. It is the key way to pass benefits from up to down. Moxibustion can benefit dampness, remove cold, remove acne and relieve worries. Guanyuan point: three inches below the navel of the midabdominal line. Moxibustion can strengthen the foundation and strengthen the yuan, and replenish the lower Jiao. Mysterious and mysterious, the door of all mysteries. This is a big acupoint for strengthening the body. It can be kneaded, scar moxibustion and cure all diseases. Precautions for


Moxibustion: a family of three can use one moxa stick every night. Put a water bowl next to it. Don't catch fire. It's best to moxibustion for nine days. If there are blisters, pick them with a needle and wipe them dry. During menstruation, if dysmenorrhea and palace cold, moxibustion can be used. The rest should be treated with moxibustion. Don't get angry after moxibustion. Meanwhile, you can drink ginger brown sugar water to help remove blood stasis.

winter solstice moxibustion is the best way to replenish Yang. Today is the winter solstice. As the saying goes, "three volts in summer and three nine in winter", the winter solstice is the best time to replenish Yang. According to the theory of the book of changes, this is the mine divination. In the divination image, there are five Yin and one Yang, symbolizing the birth of Yang. When Yang Qi is born, just like farmers raising seedlings and women getting pregnant, it needs careful care and careful recuperation to make it grow gradually. Only when people have sufficient Yang Qi in their bodies can they achieve the goal of eliminating diseases and prolonging life.

therefore, the winter solstice is also the best time of moxibustion for health preservation in a year. At this time, moxibustion can combine solar terms, moxibustion and acupoints to better Warm Yang and replenish qi, warm meridians and disperse cold, so as to improve the cold resistance and disease resistance of the body, improve human immunity and adaptability to climate change, and prolong life.

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