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2016 will be the hottest year in history, and the hottest year will always be this year

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says that the hottest of the 24 solar terms must be great heat and minor heat. Some media reported that 2016 will be the hottest year in history. Do familiar friends recognize that 2015 was also called the hottest year? This is embarrassing, netizens have ridiculed: the hottest is always "this year". Let's review last year's report!


NASA released the latest global temperature data. April this year is the hottest April in the world and the seventh consecutive month to break the global high temperature record. Due to the strong El Ni ñ o impact last year, scientists predict that 2016 is likely to be the hottest year in history.


review last year's report: there is no hottest, only hotter! Last month, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) just released a report saying that 2015 may be the hottest year on record. Now some scientists say that 2016 will be hotter.


scientists predict that the average temperature in 2016 will reach 14.72 ℃ - 14.95 ℃, higher than 14.52 ℃ - 14.76 ℃ in 2015, which is almost 1 ℃ higher than the average 14 ℃ in the industrial era (1961-1990). Since the records of


, the world's top ten hottest years have occurred after 1998 and eight after 2005. Among them, 2011-2015 is the hottest five years in history.


scientists attribute the rise in temperature to the El Ni ñ o phenomenon and the impact of global warming. Recent detection data show that the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a new high. In the spring of 2015, the average carbon dioxide concentration over the northern hemisphere exceeded 400ppm for the first time (ppm is the concentration unit, that is, the number of carbon dioxide molecules per million dry air gas molecules).

many extreme weather events have occurred due to the impact of climate change. India and Pakistan were hit by a heat wave this year, the temperature soared to 45 degrees, drought continued in some parts of the United States, and large-scale mountain forest wildfires broke out.

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