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What is the season of yellow plum followed by grain in ear

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friends who like ancient poetry should be very familiar with Zhao Shixiu's poem "inviting guests" in the Song Dynasty. The poem says: "it rains at home in the yellow plum season, and frogs everywhere in the green grass pond". The yellow plum season here is a climate phenomenon accompanied by the grain in ear solar term. So what season is the yellow plum season? Let's have a look.


and 黄梅时节是什么季节 you may like "what flowers are blooming in grain in ear" yellow plum season "is the name of Meiyu period in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River after grain in ear in Jiangnan, China. Meiyu is a natural climate phenomenon in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Taiwan, South Central Japan and South Korea, In June and July every year, there will be continuous cloudy and rainy weather, because at that time, the plum in Jiangnan area is in the Yellow ripening period, and the weather is continuous cloudy and rainy, so it is also called Huangmei day and Huangmei season.


in Meiyu season, the air humidity is high, the temperature is high, and clothes are easy to mildew, so some people also call Meiyu the homonym "mildew rain". After the rainy season, the weather began to be dominated by the Pacific subtropical high and officially entered the hot summer. During the


yellow plum season, people should pay attention to the weather forecast. When the humid air strikes, remember to close the windows at home and do not give the opportunity for moisture to sneak in. Among them, the most important moisture-proof period is every morning and evening, during which the air humidity is higher than that at noon.

yellow plum season, people must pay attention to food safety and prevent diseases from entering from the mouth. Pay attention to separate raw and cooked food to avoid cross infection. The overnight meal must be heated back to the pot. The food in the refrigerator cannot be stored for too long. At this time, the moisture is heavy. People can eat more food to remove the moisture.


in the season of yellow plum, the weather is wet, and the clothes and bedding need to be thoroughly dried before being stored in the cabinet. The dust on the surface of furniture shall be removed in time. Some desiccants can be properly placed to keep it dry, and the household appliances can be put into standby mode in time to disperse the moisture inside the appliances. An electric hair dryer can also be used to blow against the small holes in the shells of some household appliances such as televisions and computers to disperse the dust and moisture inside the appliances.

the simplest and economical way to prevent indoor moisture is to use lime. Wrap the quicklime into a bag with a newspaper, which has obvious moisture absorption effect. When it is found that the moisture absorption effect is gone, change another bag.


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