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Poetry appreciation: where does the wind and rain come from after summer

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The sky of

is high, the clouds are light, the autumn wind is cool, the earth is busy with farming, the summer solar terms, the summer heat recedes, and the autumn is getting stronger. The beauty of autumn is quietly emerging on the earth. Literati of all dynasties will not miss such a beautiful day, leaving many well-known poems. Then let's see where "wind and rain after summer" comes from.

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"wind and rain after the summer is the name of Qiu yuan, a poet of the Song Dynasty. This poem vividly depicts the changes in the weather and leisure life that the poet sees and feels at home during the summer. It seems that people feel the coolness brought by the wind and rain during the summer like the poet, It is immersive to hear children reciting poetry and books in the early autumn.


wind and rain after summer vacation song Qiuyuan: the wind drives the rain, and the residual heat sweeps away the air. Because of the hot and cool state, they all come in an instant. There is a gap in the paper window, and the fan laughs in vain. Children read autumn sound Fu, it is reminiscent of drunken Weng.


Qiu yuan (1247-1326), with the word Renjin and the word Renfu, came from Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang). Because he lives in Qiu mountain on Yuhang River, he is called Mr. mountain village from No. mountain village and mountain village people. Yuan Dynasty writer and calligrapher. During the reign of Dade of the Yuan Dynasty (1297-1307), he was a 58 year old professor of Confucianism in Liyang. He soon stopped returning, so he ended up in the mountains and rivers in depression.


Qiu yuan is elegant and quiet. He likes to travel around famous mountains and rivers. He often expresses his feelings in poetry, and the style of Ci is roughly similar to that of Zhou Bangyan, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, and Jiang Kui, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. When he was born in troubled times, his poems often express his exclamations about the rise and fall of the country and personnel changes.


Qiu yuan's works have been lost so far. The collection of words, Wuxian zither score, is mostly a work of depicting scenery and chanting things. The history of barnyard grass is a notebook novel with concise words. Some of the stories are smooth and interesting. Tao Zongyi of the Ming Dynasty also had a special discussion on Qiu yuan's calligraphy in the book history meeting. Qiu yuan's regular script is like Ouyang Xun's. He is good at doing and writing. The works handed down from generation to generation are the seven character poem volume.

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