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What fruit does Bailu eat at the right time?

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Bailu solar term ranks 15th among the 24 solar terms. It's mid autumn. Autumn dryness is a headache for people. At this time, in addition to drinking more water, nutritionists also suggest that you can eat some legitimate fruits to supplement water and nutrition, which is very good for your body. So what fruit does Bailu solar term eat? Is naked oats healthy in season? You must know eight kinds of fruit.

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citrus is warm and sweet in season, which can appetize and regulate qi, quench thirst and moisten lung. However, those with Yin deficiency and fire prosperous constitution will have fire symptoms such as sore mouth and tongue, dry throat and sore throat.


eat cucumber raw. Eating cucumber raw can fully supplement the moisture contained in the skin. Peel and slice the fresh cucumber, immediately paste it on the freshly washed face, and then gently press the cucumber slice with your fingers to keep it from falling off. Remove it after 20 minutes. This method can provide nutrition to the skin and make it tender, smooth and delicate. It can be applied often with unexpected effects.


fresh grape grape is the fruit of deciduous woody vines in the grape family, also known as grass dragon pearl, crystal pearl, cattail, Putao, plum peach and mountain gourd. Grape is regarded as a precious fruit and is known as the first of the four major fruits in the world. It is not only nutritious and has a wide range of uses: beautiful color, fragrant smell and delicious taste. It is a good fruit. It can not only be eaten fresh, but also processed into various products, such as wine, grape juice and raisins. Moreover, the fruit, root and leaf can be used as medicine, and the whole body is treasure.


autumn pears rich in water are health and medical fruits in winter, including pears and sugarcane. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pears have the functions of generating saliva and relieving thirst, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, nourishing blood and muscles, moistening lungs and removing dryness. The rich water in autumn pears is what the skin needs.

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