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Music feast in hot summer, introduction to summer solstice Music Festival

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The summer solstice of

means that the heat is coming, and the weather is getting hot and humid, which makes people feel stuffy and irritable. At this time, it's better to participate in a music feast. Now let's take a look at the introduction of the summer solstice Music Festival, so that the beautiful melody can send you cool and stimulate your vitality in this hot summer.

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summer solstice Music Festival was founded by Jacques Lang of France in 1982. It is a free national large-scale festival for all kinds of music forms, covering various music types such as jazz, pop, rock, classical music and world music. Great success has been achieved since the beginning.

in 1982, Joel Cohen, an American who worked as a music DJ on a French radio station, proposed that a Music Carnival be held on the summer solstice, so that all musicians could perform to the public on that day and give everyone a chance to revel on midsummer night, so he organized a Music Carnival according to this idea. The joy of the


Carnival made another person feel that this thing could be played more. After the 1981 presidential election, Maurice Foley, the director of dance and music in France, discussed the idea of the Music Carnival with Jacques Lang, who was just elected at that time, and began in 1982, This carnival became the French Music Day - the summer solstice music festival that later became popular in the world.


so on June 21 every year, the grand summer solstice music festival begins. Both amateurs and professional musicians have only one belief: music is the queen! Whether in the crowded streets or in the elegant concert hall, the melodious music of various genres, from classical music to rap pop music, will last until the early morning of the next day. On the day of


, many musicians gathered to perform for the public. When night was coming, everyone rushed to the street to listen to the harp sound at the corner, the accordion sound by the river, the amateur bands of pop, rock and metal music everywhere, or join an impromptu chorus performance. The audience reveled with the music on midsummer night. Such a national festival was soon loved by people.


music are the common language of mankind. As a large-scale free Festival loved by the people, the summer solstice Music Festival is not only held in France, but also accepted by the world with the development of time. This music festival is held every year in more than 450 cities in more than 100 countries on five continents. In China, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian (Shunde), Ningbo, Shanghai and Wuhan have also joined the ranks of these cities.

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