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Detailed explanation of the concept of solar terms: tell you what is 24 flower letter

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twenty-four flower letters, that is, twenty-four flower trade winds, also known as twenty-four wind. It is the concept of solar terms put forward by the ancients of our country by summarizing the flower events during the period from cold to valley rain in the twenty-four solar terms. Let's learn the knowledge of solar terms and understand what is twenty-four flower letters.

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flower letter, that is, the flowering period marked by flowers. Because the wind comes in response to the flowering period, it is also called "flower letter wind", that is, the wind reports the news of flowers. In ancient China, there were eight solar terms on one hundred and twenty days. Every five days was regarded as one season, and there were twenty-four seasons. Among the plants flowering in each season, people selected one of the plants with the most accurate flowering period as the representative, which should be a kind of flower letter. This is twenty-four flower letter, which not only records the flower events, but also expresses the climate change.


Volume 1 of Cheng Dachang's "Yan fan Lu": "when flowers bloom in March, the wind is famous for flowers and trade winds." Zong Yu of the Southern Dynasty said in Jingchu's old age: "plum blossoms begin and neem flowers end, and all flowers and trade winds are 24 times." it refers to eight Qi from the light cold to Gu Yu. One hundred and twenty days, every five days is a waiting period. There are twenty-four waiting periods, and each waiting period corresponds to a kind of flower letter.


are twenty-four flowers, that is, there are two solar terms every month. Each solar term has three waiting periods, and each waiting period is five days. Every five days, there is a flower letter, that is, every five days, there is a kind of flower bud opening, that is, the flower trade wind is in the air on January 2 and 6. Every waiting for flowers and trade winds is the period of waiting for flowers to bloom. Before and after the Gu rain, all flowers are in full bloom, colorful and fragrant everywhere, and spring is all over the earth. The neem flower ranks last, indicating that the neem flower has bloomed and the flower affair is over.


in this record, the plum blossom is the first and the neem flower is the last. After 24 times of flower and trade winds, the beginning of summer came. The 24-hour flower letter not only reflects the natural phenomenon of flower opening and season, but also can be used to master the farming season and arrange farming.

Xiaohan: plum blossom, camellia and Narcissus; Cold: Daphne odora, orchid and alum; Beginning of spring: one waiting for spring, two waiting for cherry and three waiting for spring; Rain: Cauliflower in one season, apricot in two seasons and plum in three seasons; Sting: peach blossom, Begonia, rose; Vernal equinox: one waiting for Begonia, two waiting for pear flowers and three waiting for Magnolia; Qingming: Tung flowers, wheat flowers and willow flowers; Gu Yu: Peony in the first stage, tamarisk in the second stage and neem in the third stage.

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