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Minnan people's "winter supplement" is inseparable from dog, sheep and goose

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represents the beginning of winter, and people in Southern Fujian also make up the winter once a year on this day. Through tonic to increase the body's resistance and ensure a higher physique to face this cold winter. Today, we want to introduce the folk "winter supplement" in Southern Fujian. Do you want to know? Go and find out with Xiaobian.


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"it is a folk custom in Southern Fujian that Lidong is the beginning of winter. On this day, people should make necessary preparations for the coming cold winter and replenish new energy for the body in order to spend the whole winter smoothly. Therefore, on the winter day, people should eat some foods that nourish yin and Yang and have high calories, such as chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, fish and turtles, and often cook and stew with the "four things" of traditional Chinese medicine (namely Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Paeonia lactiflora and Radix Rehmanniae) to enhance the effectiveness of medicine.


obviously, "winter supplement" is the active adjustment made by the people to adapt to natural changes, and it is the method of self-protection and health care inherited by the people from generation to generation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the beginning of winter comes, Yang Qi is hidden, Yin Qi is extremely prosperous, plants and trees wither, dormant insects hide, and the activities of all things tend to stop. In the state of hibernation, we should conserve energy and prepare for the outbreak of spring. By eating high calorie food, people can reconcile Yin and Yang in their bodies, improve their resistance to cold, and recharge their energy for the coming spring.


and "winter supplement" are also reminders of people's childbearing status. Every year, "tonifying the winter" means that the weather turns cold, and nature has entered a state of latent and closed storage. Human beings should also make corresponding adjustments. We should pay attention to "condensing Yin and protecting Yang", keep warm and prevent cold, store essence and nourish tranquility, so as to avoid the imbalance of yin and Yang and breed disease and pain due to the dissipation of Yang Qi in the body.


and "winter supplement" are carried out on the winter day, which shows that the people also have a "ritual" significance here. Lidong breaks the boundary between autumn and winter, just like a pass. After Lidong, people enter the most difficult winter of the year. Therefore, choosing to "make up for the winter" at this turning point - before, some people chose to "make up for the winter" at the specific time of the beginning of winter in the Almanac - shows that people try to enhance their survival and activity ability in the whole winter through this "ceremony" held at an extraordinary time point. At the same time, they express such a desire, and take the initiative to master and use this special skill.

we also note that "winter supplement" was a rich festival in the past when material supply was difficult. At that time, people in Southern Fujian who used sweet potatoes as their staple food on weekdays could enjoy the meat flavor only in the few days of "Pudu" (i.e. Yulan Club) and "winter supplement" on New Year's Eve. Therefore, the word "winter supplement" always has a festive connotation.


moreover, different from other festivals that can "eat meat", the "winter supplement" is specially for strangers. Other dishes prepared on New Year's Eve and "Pudu" should be dedicated to all gods, ghosts and ancestors, which can be enjoyed by posterity after sacrifice. The "winter supplement" does not have these rules. The "good wine and meat" prepared on this day have no right to enjoy. The object of "winter supplement" is only the strangers living in this world, which shows full practical significance.

in addition, "winter supplement" is often a good medium for emotional communication between people. On the winter solstice, acquaintances always ask each other, "what will your family make up for today's winter?" which shows their concern and concern for each other's living conditions. If the dishes prepared by the other party on that day are what they are interested in but will not do, this is a rare opportunity to learn from each other's cooking skills.

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