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Winter solstice! The emperor is too busy to stop!

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The annual winter solstice of

always keeps everyone busy. It seems that this solar term will always make people pay more attention and supplement in this solar term. Modern people are like this, so will ancient people be like this? It is said that the emperor is very busy at the winter solstice? Let's have a look!

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ancient people believed that after the winter solstice, the day was longer and longer, and the Yang Qi picked up, which was the beginning of a solar term cycle and an auspicious day worthy of celebration. That day, the ancient emperor waited for his ministers to polish their knees and kneel down to congratulate him. Then why did the ancients treat the winter solstice so grandly, from the son of heaven to the common people? It is said that the origin of the winter solstice is due to the capital planning of the Duke of Zhou. As early as more than 3000 years ago, Duke Zhou went to Luoyang and calculated that Luoyang was the "center of the world" and a treasure land of Feng Shui by using the Tu GUI method. Then he established a state in the feudal state and formulated the national etiquette and law system. He chose the longest day of the year, so the winter solstice became the beginning of the new year. On this day, the emperor led everyone to worship the new year and celebrate the winter. In the Zhou rites, the Duke of Zhou stipulated the sacrificial rites of "bringing the winter solstice to the gods, people and ghosts" and "reaching the five emperors and the sun, moon and stars in the suburban altar". The people just learn to do it. After the winter solstice is the beginning of the new year - New Year! Moreover, in some years, officials do not have to go to the court on this day. In today's words, it is a legal holiday. On December 22, the later ancient emperors were not idle. What were the emperors busy with? In the Qin Dynasty, their king simply moved the customs of ancestor worship and family dinner during the Spring Festival to the winter solstice. The winter solstice is also known as "Xiaonian". You gently say in your ear, "Hey, you are one year older!"


"during the winter solstice of the Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was not idle. He adopted the summer calendar to officially separate the first month from the winter solstice. Therefore, it can also be said that the special "Winter Solstice Festival" has existed since the Han Dynasty and has been used now. As for why people eat wonton at the winter solstice, here is a story. During the Han Dynasty, the Huns often harassed the Han frontier. There were two leaders of Hun and Tun in the Hun tribe, which were very cruel. The shrewd Han people then wrapped meat stuffing into corners, took the sound of Hun and Tun, and called it "wonton". It happened that this day was the winter solstice. After that, every family ate wonton: "eat more, and there will be no residue left from the Huns!"

the Han Dynasty knelt down to eat wonton. The Han Dynasty took the winter solstice as the "winter festival". The emperor was busy. He also tacitly agreed that the government would hold a congratulatory ceremony called "Hedong". The official had a regular holiday, and the "winter worship" ritual of mutual congratulation was popular in the officialdom. On this day, the imperial court will have a holiday. People come and go in the streets, and the sound of silk and bamboo can be heard all the time. They call on friends and friends to have a happy festival of "peace and quiet". During the Wei, Jin and Six Dynasties, the emperor promoted filial piety. The winter solstice was called "ya sui". People wanted to pay homage to their parents and elders.


when the ancients paid homage to the Tang and Song Dynasties, there were diverse cultures. At that time, the emperor had more romantic feelings. On the winter solstice, he also encouraged literati and poets to sing poetry, drink wine and have fun, and invite good friends to the lake to relax. For example, Su Dongpo visited the auspicious Temple alone on the winter solstice. Go, spend the winter solstice in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and recite poems against Du Fu, Bai Juyi and Su Dongpo. In addition to reciting poems, the emperor will hold a heaven worship ceremony in the suburbs on this day, and the people will worship their parents and elders on this day.


recited poems against the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emperors had a great ceremony to worship heaven, called "suburban heaven in the winter solstice". In the palace, hundreds of officials presented congratulatory watches to the emperor, and stabbed each other, just like New Year's day. The court plays of the Qing Dynasty are now one after another, but few people really understand how the court people celebrated the festival in the Qing Dynasty. On this day, the emperor will lead princes and ministers to hold a grand ceremony to worship the heaven. The concubines will prepare Manchu characteristic food. The elder brother will also teach Xiaoge to draw the popular "99 cold elimination circle" in the palace, and the palace maidens and eunuchs hide in a corner to gossip about the customs of various places.


kneel down to congratulate. As for why we eat dumplings at the winter solstice, it can also be traced back to the story of Zhang Zhongjing's "dispelling cold and charming ear soup". People eat dumplings in memory of him. It's cold and gives medicine for the poor. Finally, the busy emperors of the winter solstice line up to tell you a folk saying: if there is no sun on the winter solstice, it will be sunny during the new year, otherwise, it will rain. The sun is warm and the days are slow. Enjoy the moment!

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