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Shunde people's tradition of dividing oranges at the winter solstice

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with the advance of time, the festival customs in each place begin to have their own characteristics. Each custom activity, whether it is performance or diet, will have its own unique moral. It is said that in Shunde, there is such a winter solstice tradition, that is, dividing oranges. What does dividing oranges mean? Let's have a look.


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"share oranges, which means" share money "and happiness through hard work? At 4:30 p.m. on December 21, hundreds of villagers gathered in front of the he family temple in Madong village, including the elderly and infants in their infancy. They are all descendants of the he family, Waiting for taigongfen orange. According to he Yulun, who used to be the head of the he family in Madong, the orange division of the he family in Madong has a history of nearly 500 years. "Orange" is synonymous with "gold" in vernacular. Dividing orange is also dividing gold, which means that Taizu paili is for future generations. "He Yulun said, "During the winter festival, every winter solstice, every family should worship their ancestors and gods. The most lively ceremony is to divide winter oranges in the ancestral hall. Oranges are also homonymous with Gan, implying hardship and happiness."

He Zhaoxian, a young man of the post-80s generation, stood in the crowd waiting for orange distribution. He had participated in orange distribution for more than 20 times in the winter solstice. Under the leadership of his elders, he Zhaoxian and many people knelt down to worship the ancestors of all generations in the family temple, burning incense, firing artillery and offering sacrifices. Then, orange distribution began in front of the ancestral hall. Several baskets filled with golden oranges were carried out by the young posterity and placed on their heads The oranges distributed by


to the clansmen were purchased by the clansman foundation and donations from some clansmen. The oranges distributed at the scene the afternoon before yesterday amounted to 500 kg. After distribution by head, the remaining oranges will be dumped on the ground, and the clansmen, men, women, young and old, rushed to grab them, which is called "holding oranges". "When we come together to hold oranges, it seems that the family is prosperous and has a lot of children and grandchildren. The Taigong bless the family's prosperity." he Yulun explained.

according to he Yulun, a long time ago, Ma Dong he had a conflict with other surnames nearby because he divided oranges. "When we hold oranges, we have to pour them on the ground. Some people surnamed Gan think we are insulting them, because Gan is a homonym. So they pour dried oysters on the ground. Dried oysters have the same pronunciation as he in Cantonese, but dried oysters are too expensive for them to insist."

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