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Miraculous health preservation. After the beginning of autumn, one thing can expel the poison from the whole body

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after the beginning of autumn, the weather is gradually cool, but autumn dryness is becoming more and more obvious. At this time, human health preservation follows the principle of "dryness is moistening". It is very important to nourish yin, clear heat, moisten dryness and detoxify. Today, let's take a look at the experience of traditional health preservation. What kind of food can people eat after the beginning of autumn eliminate toxins from the whole body?


liver are the most important metabolic and detoxifying organs of human body, which are in charge of detoxification and metabolism of sugar, fat and protein, most of human metabolism and transformation of toxic substances. Therefore, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver is the focus of health care that people need to pay close attention to. In terms of health preservation, autumn is a good time to nourish and protect the liver. After the beginning of autumn, eat more acidic foods, which can reduce phlegm, detoxify, strengthen the stomach and eliminate food, so as to discharge toxins. Let's take a look at the acidic fruits.


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1, hawthorn: Hawthorn: sour, sweet and mild haw, with scattered stasis, eliminating stasis, eliminating phlegm, detoxification, activating blood, refreshing, clearing stomach, refreshing brain, preventing heat and promoting appetite, etc., it has remarkable curative effect on more than 10 diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes.


2. Grapefruit: Grapefruit tastes sour and cold. It can remove bloating, reduce phlegm and cough, strengthen stomach and digestion, reduce swelling and pain. It is suitable for stomach disease, dyspepsia, chronic cough, phlegm and asthma. Grapefruit is famous for its rich vitamin C, which is beneficial to patients with cardiovascular disease and obesity. Most of the organic acids contained in grapefruit are citric acid, which can eliminate human fatigue.


3. Apple: according to Apple's traditional Chinese medicine, Apple has the functions of generating saliva, moistening the lungs, removing annoyance, appetizing and sobering up. For those with dyspepsia and blocked Qi, they can squeeze juice and take it. Modern medicine believes that apples can also prevent and eliminate fatigue. The potassium in apples can combine with the excess sodium in the body and excrete it out of the body. When eating too much salt, you can eat apples to help eliminate it, so eating apples or drinking apple juice is beneficial to patients with hypertension.


4. Lemon: Lemon tastes extremely sour and has the functions of generating saliva, relieving thirst, dispelling summer heat and calming fetus. Citric acid is named because it contains the most organic acids in all kinds of fruits. Patients with hypertension and myocardial infarction often drink lemon drinks, which is very beneficial to improve symptoms.


5. Grapes: grapes are sweet and sour in nature. Fresh food is sour and sweet and palatable. They can generate saliva and quench thirst, appetizer and eliminate food. However, people with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more, and eating more will cause diarrhea.


6. Carambola: carambola tastes sweet, sour and flat. Its fruit can produce saliva and quench thirst. If you suffer from wind heat and cough in autumn, wash the carambola and eat it fresh; If the urine is hot and astringent, wash and chop 2-3 fresh carambola, mash it into juice, rinse it with warm boiled water, and take it twice a day; In case of sore throat, wash fresh carambola and eat it raw, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 months each time. However, this product hurts the stomach by eating more, especially those with deficiency of cold in spleen and stomach should eat less.


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