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Solar terms and eight character Feng Shui: what is summer transportation?

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everyone hopes to have good luck. In China's traditional numerology, there are contents related to transportation and transshipment. Its connotation is rich and profound, and it has a wide connection with the knowledge of various disciplines, which is amazing. So today, let's learn a concept related to solar terms in numerology - summer transportation.

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Q: what is the transportation in summer? Answer; It refers to the concept of numerology - the delivery time of Jinming people, which applies for the time on the day of the solar term of summer.


the so-called transportation, in numerology, refers to the transformation of the ten-year Universiade or the five-year small transportation. Good transportation often means that the luck in the ten-year (Universiade) or one-year (small transportation) is relatively stable and smooth without major disasters. This concept focuses on the word "delivery". At the time point when the two-step Universiade begins, create the most harmonious, stable and auspicious environment to ensure the smooth transition of Qi.


, as the saying goes, "a good beginning is half success". People attach great importance to the delivery time and strive not to be disturbed and affected by other adverse factors. The delivery time varies from person to person. It needs to be determined according to the age and the five elements of Nayin. The delivery time in summer refers to the delivery time of Jinming people, and the time is declared on the day of the solar term in summer.


just because the delivery time is the initial time for the formal handover of the two Universiades, there are many stresses and taboos on the delivery. For example, civil blind teachers will tell: on the day of transportation, especially within the two hours of transportation, you must not see or bump into people who contradict, harm or punish your own belongings, nor encounter pregnant women, widows, serious patients or funerals. It's best to stay at home and don't go anywhere. Try to avoid all the above situations.


are people who avoid God. The reason why Jiaoyun doesn't like to meet people with opposite signs is that "Jiaoyun" focuses on taking images. Being attacked, harmed and punished will have similar adverse images, that is, the influence of the field. Just like the external response, bury the image of bad information at the beginning of things.

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