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You need style and temperature. What's the most suitable for autumn equinox

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After the

autumnal equinox, the weather is even cooler. At this time, the cold air activity is active, and the temperature difference between day and night increases. It is very important to keep the human body warm. However, we must not want to wrap ourselves into a rice dumpling without bright spots in order to keep warm. Let's see how to wear the most appropriate clothes after the autumnal equinox, which can make you both elegant and warm.

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the autumnal equinox is the transition season from summer monsoon to winter monsoon. The cold air force in the north is gradually strengthened and more active, and the cold air tends to gradually evolve the local atmospheric circulation into a warm advection when it moves south from the north. Therefore, the occasional temperature rise is also normal.


so health experts will generally remind you that the temperature in the beginning of autumn is changeable, and the temperature difference between day and night is getting bigger and bigger. People are easy to catch cold, catch a cold or cause gastrointestinal infection. At this juncture of changing seasons, pay attention to keep warm and increase or decrease clothes in time. But don't "dress more" too early. Pay attention to cold resistance exercise, which is often called "autumn freeze".


when the weather is cold, the shirt goes out to the rescue again. Whether it is worn alone or as a matching item, the shirt can easily deal with it. A casual plaid shirt made of cotton and linen fabric. It is equipped with a short sleeved T-shirt or vest. Take it off as you wear it. No matter how the temperature difference changes, it can not affect your mood.


. In addition, the military coat is also a popular clothing item in spring and autumn. Girls may try diversified collocations when they wear clothes. They may try various styles such as handsome, sweet and sexy. Knitted small coat with black skirt is very sweet. It's a military green coat outside the lower body, which shows a bit of handsome.


are finally grey windbreaker, which is a necessary item for many temperament beauties. Tie up a long windbreaker with a slim dress inside, which is elegant and mature. Windbreaker with skirt is the first choice for office ladies. Knitwear is also an essential choice in autumn. Girls who favor leisure styles buy it and wear it with casual pants, which makes the whole person feel relaxed and cheerful.

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