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Nine to one, 24 solar terms of grain in ear

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said in the collection of seventy-two marquis in the lunar order: "the May Festival means that there are awn seeds and grain can be planted." the name of the grain in ear solar term probably comes from here. With the arrival of the grain in ear season, farmers began their busy field life, and Chinese people are full of beautiful scenery in summer. Then let's elaborate on the solar terms of grain in ear from the aspects of climate, customs and health preservation.

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"ear seed climate: the arrival of ear seed solar terms in the annual plum rainy season indicates that it is a hot and humid summer, and changes from early summer to midsummer. The temperature gradually increases and the precipitation begins to increase. During this period, except that some areas in the northernmost part of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and Heilongjiang have not really entered summer, most areas have been able to experience the heat of summer.

whether in the South or the north, there is a possibility of high temperature above 35 ℃ in June. High temperature weather above 40 ℃ may occur in the Huang Huai Region and the eastern part of the northwest region, but it is generally not a continuous high temperature. In South China, Hainan, Guangdong and other places, the average temperature in June is about 28 degrees Celsius. During the grain in ear season of


, rice, cotton and other crops grow vigorously and need more water. Moderate plum rain is very beneficial to agricultural production; Crops will be threatened by drought in years when plum rain is too late or too little or even "empty plum". However, if the plum rain is too early, there are too many rainy days, and there is little sunshine for a long time, it will also have an adverse impact on agricultural production, especially if the rainfall is too concentrated or rainstorm will also cause flood disasters.


must be said. The criteria for entering plum blossom are relatively complex, including rainfall and the location and intensity of subtropical high. During the Meiyu period, the warm and humid air flow increased significantly, and the cold and warm air flows were equal, so that the front remained stable in the Jianghuai area, so it brought continuous annoying rain.


elegant things of ear seed: farewell of Flower God, boiling juice of green plum, spring has passed, and summer has come. At this time, the flowers withered and the flower god abdicated. In the 27th chapter of a dream of Red Mansions, it is written, "the ancient custom: on the day when the grain in ear Festival is held, all kinds of gifts are arranged to sacrifice the flower gods. It is said that once the grain in ear is over, it will be summer. All the flowers will be unloaded, and the flower gods will abdicate and have to go away." in ancient times, girls in the boudoir should dress up early on this day and weave petals and wickers into sedan horses, Or fold silk and satin into banners and streamers, and tie them on the trees in front of and behind the house to preserve the flower god.

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