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The relationship between the 24 solar terms and the eight trigrams

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The 24 solar terms of

seem to be just a simple name that reflects the changes of seasons and phenology. However, if it is extended, it will be found that it is related to many contents in China's traditional culture and is a comprehensive cultural concept. Then let's understand the relationship between the 24 solar terms and the eight trigrams.

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"the corresponding relationship between the 24 solar terms and the eight trigrams is: each season belongs to one" positive trigram ", that is, spring belongs to earthquake wood, summer belongs to Lihuo, autumn belongs to gold, and winter belongs to kanshui; Each hexagram, six diagrams, four seasons and four diagrams are just equipped with 24 solar terms. Each solar term is divided into "three waiting periods" at the upper, middle and lower levels. There are 72 waiting periods in a year, each waiting for 5 days, 360 days, plus leap months, exactly 365 days.


, where: kangua corresponds to winter solstice, slight cold, great cold, beginning of spring, rain and waking insects; The seismic hexagram corresponds to the spring equinox, Qingming, Guyu, beginning of summer, Xiaoman and ear seed; Ligua corresponds to the summer solstice, slight heat, great heat, beginning of autumn, dealing with heat and white dew; The hexagram corresponds to the autumnal equinox, cold dew, frost, beginning of winter, light snow and heavy snow.


in the kangua, the lowest one (i.e. the first one) corresponds to the winter solstice, and each one (from bottom to top to two to five) corresponds to light cold, heavy cold, beginning of spring and rain. Waking insects is the uppermost one (the upper one); The solar terms corresponding to each of the other hexagrams, and so on.


in the first month, the sun energy gradually rises in the Yin month, and the temperature begins to rise. At this time, it becomes the earth and heaven Tai divination. The following three are Yang divination. The so-called "Three Yang Kaitai" means that there are already three yang, and all things begin to germinate and become angry. The beginning of spring is a festival, and rain and water is Qi.


February - in Mao and Mao months, the internal hexagram is the Qian hexagram, and the external hexagram is the earthquake hexagram. The earthquake is thunder, and the thunder sky is strong; Waking the insects is the festival, and the spring equinox is the Qi.


in March - the internal hexagram is the Qian hexagram; In spring, the solar terms are Qingming and Guyu; The most comfortable climate on the mainland at this time is Qingming. It belongs to the period of spring breeze and clear air. The climate is neither cold nor hot, which is relatively balanced. The external hexagram of this hexagram is the blending hexagram, which is converted into Ze, and the internal hexagram is the Qian hexagram, which is dry for heaven and Ze heaven. This hexagram shows that the weather of nature is closely related to our human life, and it is also a stage in which Yang energy is about to rise completely.

April - the solar terms of qiangua are the beginning of summer and Xiaoman. From the perspective of this divinatory symbol, the six diagrams are all Yang diagrams, which also shows that Yang can reach the extreme. It is what the book of changes says that "when things reach the extreme, they will turn back", that is, they have reached the extreme.


May - the external hexagram is the Qian hexagram; The internal hexagram is Xun hexagram, and the solar terms are ear seed and summer solstice. The external hexagram of this hexagram is the Qian hexagram, the Qian hexagram is the heaven, the internal hexagram is the Xun hexagram, the Xun hexagram is the wind, and the heaven wind report. From the six aspects of the hexagram, Yang began to decrease, and the lowest initial aspect became a broken picture (Yin), so a solar term "summer solstice" came. The so-called "the winter solstice produces Yang and the summer solstice produces Yin", that is, when it comes to the summer solstice, Yang begins to recover and reaches a critical point of weakening.

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