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Wine famous for winter solstice solar terms: how to drink winter wine

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some brewers will understand that wine can not be brewed at any time, because the time difference, so the wine will taste different, so in winter solstice, there is a winter wine is famous for its winter solstice solar term, so how should we drink correctly? Let's have a look. How to fish around the summer solstice?

why drink winter wine? In October, farmers in Wudi Township make wine with herbal medicine glutinous rice, which is called Dongyang wine. It is light, fragrant and sweet. "Dongyang wine" here is the next winter wine. It is golden in color, sweet in mouth and has a faint fragrance of osmanthus.

winter wine, also known as Dongyang wine, is brewed in winter and drunk on the winter solstice. It is a necessary product for Suzhou people to celebrate the winter solstice. In the early days, the elders of the family brewed osmanthus winter wine by themselves. Under the osmanthus tree in front of their house, they shook off goose yellow fragrant "pearls" with gentle aroma. After flattening and drying, they fermented osmanthus winter wine with glutinous rice, gardenia and distiller's yeast to make a gentle osmanthus winter wine. The smell of sunlight diffused in the air seems to be an ordinary day for a slightly drunk Suzhou family, It makes people remember and miss for a long time...

northerners usually eat dumplings during the winter solstice. The old custom says that "not eating dumplings during the winter solstice will freeze their ears"; Just as Suzhou people drink winter wine on the winter solstice, for the old saying "it will freeze overnight if they don't drink winter wine on the winter solstice". In the middle of winter, the alleys in Suzhou are filled with wine fragrance. The fragrant smell blows the water sleeves at the tip of people's nose. It's as if you're not leaving, and you want to say something.


although there are few self brewed winter wines, the winter wines listed one week before the winter solstice are often sold out at the winter solstice. Once they are missed, they can only wait for the next year! Winter wine is not as strong as a dancer, nor is it a noble daughter, but the warm and affectionate mouth is the tone of Suzhou people's life: thin water flows. One kilogram of bittern, two bottles of winter wine, stagger home, sit around, pour wine, roast small fresh, and chat about heaven and earth and home, which is a pleasant sigh for a year. How to drink


winter wine? How to preserve the freshest winter wine? Winter wine making is a "green wine" that only goes through the previous fermentation. The alcohol degree is generally 2-4 degrees. It has high nutrients and is easy to taste. It is easy to ferment too much in winter wine at room temperature or room temperature, resulting in sour taste. Therefore, it is best to store winter wine at low temperature. The newly bought winter wine is put in the bottle at room temperature to produce gas. It feels hard and then put into the refrigerator. This winter wine tastes the best. Special attention should be paid to


. When drinking winter wine, some people want to heat it before drinking. They can warm the wine cup in hot water instead of heating the wine in the microwave oven. If the wine is heated directly, the wine is easy to change its taste and color. Because once directly heated, the "freshness" of winter wine changes, and the taste changes.


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