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What to eat in the beginning of winter? It's better to have a radish without fruit

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the beginning of winter is the beginning of cold in the four seasons of the year. People in many places hope to spend the severe winter warm. They all have the custom of "tonic". When taking tonic, eat more food with calories, accompanied by fruits and vegetables that are sweet and moist, which is a good choice for tonic winter. So, do you know what to eat for tonic at the beginning of winter?

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black sesame porridge. If there are people with physical deficiency at home, don't make strenuous tonics. It's better to warm tonics. Black sesame porridge is a good choice. Black sesame not only has the effect of black hair, but also can tonify the liver and kidney and nourish the five internal organs, especially in winter. When cooking porridge with black sesame, pay attention to grind it, and then put it into the pot with japonica rice. After boiling over high heat, use slow fire to cook porridge.


in addition to dishes, soup is also a good winter tonic food. Longan is a dried fruit that people often eat. It not only nourishes Yin and blood, calms the heart and calms the mind, but also helps blood deficiency headache, palpitation, insomnia and memory loss. Eggs are rich in protein and nutrients needed by the body. Stewing these two foods together can be nutritious and nourishing. It's no problem to use them as breakfast. But we should remind you that longan is hot and should not be eaten for a long time.


cold lotus root slices winter is the rich season of lotus root. At this time, the lotus root is fresh and cheap. We might as well buy some, wash and peel it, then use hot water for a little time, take it out and cut it into slices, sprinkle white sugar, which is delicious and refreshing. Lotus root has the function of constricting blood vessels. Eating more can also replenish lung and blood. In addition, lotus root contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can also help prevent constipation.


fried lettuce with agaric yam for some people who don't like to eat too greasy, mutton stewed radish seems too heavy. It doesn't matter. Xiaobian will introduce you to a light fried lettuce with agaric yam. Black fungus is rich in iron. Eating it often can nourish blood and make you feel cold even in winter; In addition, Auricularia also contains colloid, which can intensively adsorb the dust and impurities in the digestive system of the body, eliminate them from the body, and play the role of cleaning the intestines and stomach and detoxifying. Yam has high cellulose content and provides a large amount of mucus protein, which can reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, and eating it often is good for the spleen and stomach.

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