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Solar term Poetry: the title after the beginning of autumn by the great poet Du Fu

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the clouds and the sky receive the color of summer, and the leaves move the sound of autumn. The beginning of autumn is coming. It seems that there is a cold autumn between heaven and earth. Writers and writers of all dynasties have infinite thoughts on autumn, and left many works to express their minds. Then let's enjoy the famous poem "after the beginning of autumn" by poet Du Fu.

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after the beginning of autumn, Tang Du Fu's day and moon are not spared, and the festival sequence is separated last night. The mysterious cicada has no stop, and the autumn swallow is like a guest. I wish alone in my life, melancholy for half a hundred years. It's also up to people to dismiss officials. What's the matter? Detention.

the author of the title after the beginning of autumn is Du Fu, who was selected into volume 217, No. 39 of the whole Tang poetry. This poem was written by Du Fu, a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, on the day after the beginning of autumn in the second year of Qianyuan. According to the original biography of the book of Tang Dynasty, he was the Secretary of Huazhou. He was Guan Fu hungry and abandoned his official and visited Qinzhou. This poem was written when he wanted to abandon his official position. The first four sentences describe the scenery after autumn and the meaning of the last four sentences. In autumn, Yan Gong said that he would go to China, like Yan leaving his nest, so clouds are like guests. It's forty-eight years old, and now it's half a hundred. In terms of percentage, it's also good. Du Fu (712-770)


was a great realistic poet in the prosperous Tang Dynasty. 1500 poems in his life were preserved and handed down to future generations, which had a very far-reaching impact on Chinese classical poetry and was respected as the "saint of poetry" by later generations. His poems are also called "history of poetry".


Du Fu's poems are good at ancient style and regular poetry, with various styles. He accurately summarizes his own work style with the words "depressed and frustrated", and focuses on depression. Because of the historical period of his life, his poems mostly involve social unrest, political darkness and people's suffering, record the historical changes from prosperity to decline in the Tang Dynasty, and express the lofty Confucian spirit of benevolence and strong sense of hardship. Therefore, he is known as the "history of poetry".


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