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Poetry of solar terms: appreciation of the poem "climbing the music garden in autumn"

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the wind blows a leaf, and all things have surprised autumn. Regardless of ancient and modern times, autumn can always arouse people's long-term feelings and announce the beginning of autumn. It is also a good time for people to enjoy the autumn scenery. I don't know how many famous works of the past dynasties were born at this time. Now let's appreciate the "autumn climbing the music Garden" by Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty.

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climbing the happy garden in the beginning of autumn "Tang Bai Juyi walked alone on the head of the river and went back to the horse for a happy tour. Who can teach me to plan for a moment of autumn?


refer to le Youyuan, which reminds people of Li Shangyin's poem "Deng Le Youyuan": "if you feel uncomfortable at night, drive to the ancient land. The sunset is infinitely good, but it's just near dusk." this famous masterpiece has made a highland in the Southeast of Chang'an city famous for thousands of years. Leyouyuan, a romantic and poetic place, is a fascinating tourist attraction. Its life experience makes people curious.


in fact, in addition to Li Shangyin, Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, also visited the ancient site and left a masterpiece for the site for thousands of years, that is, the poem "climbing the music garden in autumn", which was written the next day after the beginning of autumn. There is also a sense of sadness in the poem. Combined with the poet's frustrated life experience in officialdom, it can not help but sigh.


Bai Juyi (772-846) have the characters of Lotte. They are called Xiangshan residents. They are famous poets in the Tang Dynasty. In his early years, he was enthusiastic about helping the world, emphasized the political function of poetry, and sought popularity. He wrote a total of 60 new Yuefu and Qin Zhongyin, which really achieved "only singing makes people sick" and "every sentence must be regulated", which is the same famous history of poetry as Du Fu's "three officials" and "three departures". The long narrative poems "song of everlasting regret" and "walking in a rustle" represent his highest artistic achievements. The middle-aged


suffered setbacks in officialdom. "The official career has been long-term since then, and things in the world can't be opened from now on", but they still wrote many good poems and did many good things for the people. The West Lake in Hangzhou still has a white dike to commemorate him. In his later years, he also wrote some small words, including "flowers are not flowers", which has a hazy beauty. Later poets such as Ouyang Xiu, Zhang Xian and Yang Shen highly appreciated it.

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