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In ancient poetry, solar terms: there are no three days in summer, and the new cool is worth thousands of gold

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has experienced the scorching summer, and people can't wait for the cool autumn to come. However, after the beginning of autumn, there is often a "autumn tiger" with short heat recovery. The temperature is still high, so we have to look forward to the cool autumn of "there are no three days in the summer, and the new cool is worth thousands of gold". Let's see how the ancient poem "two songs of the Yangtze River" describes it.

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"two songs of the Yangtze River Song Su Yu spent three days in summer, and the new cool is worth thousands of gold. The white head is more worldly, and the grass is more Zen. Let the Crane Dance and listen to the intermittent sound of the crane. Those who know benevolence well may not live as deep as the sea.


in the collection of the seventy-two seasons of the month, it is said that "the summer heat stops here when you go." the meaning of summer heat is that the summer heat begins to decline, and then the temperature begins to drop significantly. It is a solar term for the transition from hot to cold. As the saying goes, "it's not hot in summer, but hot at noon", that is, it's only hot at noon in summer, and it's cool in the morning and evening.


in this poem, the sentence "there are no three days in the summer, and the new cool is thousands of gold" directly describes the poet's joy and gratitude for the arrival of autumn cool after experiencing the hot and scorching summer. Su Yu, author of


, is a native of Shanyin. The average year of birth and death is unknown. Ningzong of the Song Dynasty lived around the end of the Qing and Yuan Dynasties. He Shao entered Shu from his ancestors. Long and falling, go in all directions. He entered the Jiankang shogunate again. Learn poetry from Lu you. Those who sang with them were Xin Qiji, Liu Guo, Wang Fang, pan Tam, Zhao Shixiu, Zhou Wenpu, Jiang Kui, Ge Tianmin and so on.


are the authors of twenty volumes of Ling ranzhai collection and one volume of poetry. (general examination of Literature) the sentence "fortunately, Xiao Hongfang married, otherwise she would cry and lose flowers" in Jiang Kui's poem is particularly popular.

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