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Poems describing solar terms: what does the autumnal equinox mean?

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cold and heat are calm day and night, and Yin and yang are half at the autumnal equinox. The autumnal equinox solar term, which divides autumn into two and a half, is a good time to "feel the cool breeze from time to time, and smell the fragrance of osmanthus and osmanthus everywhere". In China's brilliant literary history, there are many meaningful famous sentences on the autumnal equinox. Today, let's learn where the poem "autumnal equinox guests are still" comes from and what it means.

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"the evening is fine, the reflection of Tang Du Fu is oblique and penetrating, and the floating clouds are thin. Jiang Hongming drinks far away, and the rain falls in the gorge. The wild goose finally goes high, and the bear feels fat. The autumnal equinox guests are still there, and the bamboo dew is slightly in the evening.

this poem is annotated as the autumn equinox in the first year of the Dali calendar. The first four sentences describe the scene of the equinox evening sunshine, and the last four sentences express the feeling of the equinox evening sunshine. The setting sun reflects the rainbow, like drooping and drinking, bearing the reflection. After the rain, the clouds pass, and there are still some floating clouds. Bird Lu is complacent in the autumn, and the guests have not returned for a long time.


Huang Sheng said: the first half of the painting is excellent, and the scenery in the evening is picturesque. Three or four inverted sentences, read three words each. Five metaphors are about people who dance high and six metaphors are about people who are greedy and mediocre. It's because neither of them has a place. Therefore, they are poor and stay in Qiujiang. (Qiu Zhaoao's detailed notes to Du's poems)


Du Fu is the greatest realist poet in the Tang Dynasty. Together with Li Bai, he is called "great Li Du". Du Fu lived in the historical period from prosperity to decline in the Tang Dynasty. His poems are mostly related to social unrest, political darkness and people's suffering, which is known as the "history of poetry"; He cares about the country and the people, has a noble personality and exquisite poetic skills, and is regarded as the "saint of poetry".


the core of Du Fu's thought is the benevolent government thought of Confucianism. He has the grand ambition of "to the king, Yao and Shun, and then make the customs honest". Although Du Fu was not famous in his lifetime, he became famous and had a far-reaching impact on Chinese literature and Japanese literature. About 1500 poems of Du Fu have been preserved, most of which are collected in the collection of Du Gongbu.

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