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Summer solstice traditional food customs: popular folk summer solstice noodles

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The folk saying of

goes: "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles". The custom of eating cold noodles (strips) at the summer solstice is popular among the Han people and has a long history. Today, let's learn about the traditional food custom related to solar terms, and learn the solar term culture while tasting delicious food.

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"summer solstice noodles is a Han custom, which refers to the custom of eating cold noodles (strips) in the solar term of the summer solstice. In Ji Sheng when the emperor was old, written by Pan rongbi of the Qing Dynasty, "it is a day when furniture eats cold Amoy noodles, that is, it is said that the water surface is also......" it can be seen that eating noodles at the summer solstice is an important custom in many areas.


there is a folk saying that "after eating summer solstice noodles, there is a short line in a day"; At the same time, because the summer solstice new wheat has appeared, eating noodles at the summer solstice also means trying new things. There are many kinds of noodles in the south, such as Yangchun noodles, dry soup noodles, shredded meat noodles, three fresh noodles, bridge noodles and sesame oil cold noodles, while in the north, it is braised noodles and fried sauce noodles.


on the summer solstice, noodle shops in Beijing are very popular. All kinds of noodles are "selling well" in noodle shops, such as Sichuan cold noodles, Dan Dan noodles, braised meat noodles or fried sauce noodles. On this day, the sales of hand rolled noodles and fresh cut noodles in pasta shops in the community will rise. There are also many people who are willing to eat their own hand rolled and stretched noodles, so they should pursue the familiar taste of home.


old Beijingers are very particular about eating noodles, with a variety of patterns and tastes. After the noodles are cooked, use cold water to mix with the fried sauce. Pay attention to mixing with shredded cucumber, shredded turnip and yellow bean sprouts, and then two cloves of garlic. The classic old Beijing fried sauce noodles will be on the table. It's called a fragrance! Or you can mix it with sesame paste, pepper oil and old vinegar. Even simple sesame paste noodles have a unique flavor.


in addition to refreshing cold noodles, some people like to eat hot noodles in hot summer, which is called "pot pick", which is said to have the meaning of "fighting evil". Eating hot noodles is to drive away evil and sweat more to get rid of the moisture and summer heat trapped in the human body. On the summer solstice, in addition to eating pasta, places in China need to eat jelly and cold skin. In some areas, they also need to drink herbal tea, eat litchi and tea eggs. In some places, they also have the habit of eating dog meat.

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