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How to remember solar terms skillfully: a complete collection of Han Lu's children's songs

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

cold dew is one of the 24 solar terms in China, which means the official beginning of autumn. For children's education, it is very important to know and remember the twenty-four solar terms. Today, what I want to introduce is the children's song about cold dew. Come and collect it. It's very important to teach your children to remember cold dew correctly.

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cold dew nursery rhyme (I) after the cold dew, the bear hibernates in the hole, the frog and lizard drill under the ground and sleep until next spring.

cold dew nursery rhyme (2) it's getting cold in the cold dew season, and farmers don't stop every day. Wheat sowing is still booming, and late rice harvesting is racing for time. Keep sweet potatoes for fear of freezing injury, and harvest soybeans in the cold open air. Yellow smoke peanuts should also be collected. I'm busy picking cotton in sunny weather. Greedy green late maturing cotton field, do not neglect the ripening with medicine. Greenhouse cucumber grafting, heat preservation and moisture is the key. When the purple hawthorn is picked, the bright red pomegranate is sour and sweet. After unloading the fruit, manage the tree, apply fertilizer and spray medicine to turn the ground over. It is a good time to collect tree species, and the local provenance is the focus. Livestock and poultry feeding stresses technology, and pregnant female animals are carefully managed. Overwintering fish species must be fattened, and the adult fish should be caught and thicken with lotus root.

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