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Cold dew recommends four kinds of detoxification vegetables and fruits, which make you feel refreshed after eating

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cold dew is a solar term with alternating cold and heat. Although it turns cold, the air is easy to be dry. Therefore, detoxification is also a major event to be done in cold dew season. For detoxification, our first choice is vegetables and fruits. Eating these two is our best "sharp weapon" for detoxification and health preservation. Today, I want to introduce four kinds of detoxification fruits and vegetables. Let's go and have a look.


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"Chinese cabbage detoxification element. The minerals contained in Chinese cabbage can promote bone development, accelerate human metabolism and enhance hematopoietic function, smooth intestines and stomach, facilitate defecation, accelerate detoxification, and be beneficial to bone health. According to the determination, Chinese cabbage is the dish with the most abundant minerals and vitamins in vegetables. The calcium content of Chinese cabbage is twice that of Chinese cabbage, the vitamin C content is about three times that of Chinese cabbage, the carotene content is 74 times that of Chinese cabbage, and the sugar and carbohydrate content of Chinese cabbage is slightly lower than that of Chinese cabbage.


eat cauliflower to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Cauliflower is flat and sweet. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, clear the lung and throat, clear away heat and detoxify. It is more suitable for those with spleen deficiency, stomach heat, bad breath and thirst caused by autumn dryness. Cauliflower contains a variety of vitamins, cellulose, carotene and trace element selenium, which are beneficial to anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Broccoli contains more vitamin C, protein and carotene, which can improve cellular immune function. Foreign studies also found that cauliflower contains a variety of indole derivatives, can reduce estrogen levels, can prevent breast cancer.


pomegranate juice antioxidant Israel Research Institute confirmed that drinking 100ml pomegranate juice every day for two weeks can slow down the oxidation process by 40% and reduce the deposited oxidized cholesterol. Even if you stop drinking, this strange effect will continue for a month. Pomegranate juice is also a more effective antioxidant juice than red wine, tomato juice and vitamin E. it is one of the important substances to eliminate cardiovascular toxins. The polyphenol content of pomegranate juice is much higher than that of green tea. It is a "superstar" for anti-aging and cancer prevention.


eat mulberry to prevent constipation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry tastes sweet and sour and is cold in nature. It can tonify the liver and kidney, nourish blood and generate fluid, nourish fluid and quench wind, moisten intestines and defecate, and can effectively prevent constipation. Modern research also believes that mulberry can adjust the immune function of the body, promote the growth of hematopoietic cells, reduce blood lipids, protect the liver and so on. Habitual constipation can take an appropriate amount of fresh mulberry, wash and juice, and take 15ml each time.


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